New art soon to be available (UPDATE)

Saturday March 16th 2013, 2:45 pm

It’s been much much too long since putting up art to be available. So Issue 14 through 17 will be going up in one week, Saturday March 23rd.

(UPDATE): The pages should go up this Saturday around noon pacific. Hopefully we won’t have any problems with the time like we did on the last sale. Also, some pages may not be made available due to some not leaving our possession.

Now for your enticement…
Batwoman 14 pg 4 and 5
Batwoman 14 pg 8 and 9
Batwoman 14 pg 20
Batwoman 15 pg 20
Batwoman 16 pg 1
Batwoman 16 pg 14 and 15
Batwoman 16 pg 16 and 17
Batwoman 17 pg 2 and 3
Batwoman 17 pg 6 and 7
Batwoman 17 pg 20

New Interview

Thursday March 14th 2013, 1:06 pm

A recent interview for Comic Book Resources has been posted this week.

here at CBR

Out this week!

Tuesday February 19th 2013, 1:57 pm

This week sees the release of Batwoman 17. It’s a bittersweet thing for me. I’ve been living with Batwoman for a good 3+ years, maybe 4. I’ve been heavily immersed in her world visually for this entire time.

Back when we (Haden and I) were offered to take over Batwoman’s direction after Greg Rucka’s departure, there was a certain sense of elation and trepidation in saying yes, and a certain kind of responsibility. Batwoman is an important character, and a socially important one that has meaning that extends well beyond the printed pages of the world she lives in, reaching out into ours possibly affecting those who encounter her story. At the time, we quickly said yes to telling her story, but then had the arduous task of putting that puzzle together, while having it be an expansion from what Greg and I had already set in motion.

After weeks of planning and plotting, figuring out just how those pieces moved and fit into a bigger construct, we knew where we were going with her, where the bigger fantastical story interacted with more personal aspects of Kate Kane’s life. So the current few issues of the tale have all been set up since the beginning, since Batwoman’s first Issue 0 (yes, there has been more than one). And it’s all culminating now, into issue 17 that is out now. It’s an important issue in many respects, not just to Kate’s story, but to ours as well. But this is really only phase 1, while this new chapter brings lots of things to a head, it’s also the beginning of phase 2.

So back to why this is bittersweet. Although this issue is a culmination of many things that we had set out to do at the very beginning, it is also the marking of a change creatively. It serves as my final duties on Batwoman interior art for quite sometime to come as I move over to handle Sandman with Neil Gaiman for awhile. But it’s not the end of my love affair with these characters that inhabit Batwoman’s world by any stretch. I’m remaining as writer along with Haden, so we will still be her voice, telling more of the bigger picture. And I’m still doing art for the covers beginning with issue 20. Joining us starting with issue 18 will be Trevor McCarthy, we would like to give him a big warm welcome to our team, visually chronicling her story starting with issue 18. Trevor is no stranger to Batwoman’s world, having brought scenes to life during arc 2 and 3, To Drown The World, and issue 15′s Interlude 2. So we’re happy to have him on board.

And that said, I felt the cover to this issue needed to be in answer some way visually to the cover of issue 1, acting as it’s companion, but thematically opposite in some ways. Issue 1 was water, this new one is fire. Giving it all a sense of change, an ending of an arc, while setting up drama and presence, that Batwoman more firmly than ever before, stands her ground.

Here is the rough for editorial approval…
Batwoman 17 cover rough
Here is the black and white…
Batwoman 17 cover- black and white
Here is the color version. This is where I needed to add and enhance a lot of the elements. Bring in more snake bones, paint colors over the black backgrounds, add intensity and detail to fire effects, and add flecks of floating burning embers…
Batwoman 17 cover- color
Here is the logo version. I needed it to mimic the logo position of issue 1 as well, to further sell the idea of them being companion pieces…
Batwoman 17 cover-logo

Out this week!

Wednesday January 23rd 2013, 12:09 am

Batwoman 16 hits all finer comics shops now.

Here is the cover in process stages…

Editorial approval sketch…
Batwoman 16 cover rough
Black and white rendered version…
Batwoman16-cover-black and white
My color version. Here, whence I saw it in color I felt the the noseless Medusa didn’t really work in this version. So I digitally painted one in very subtly as to not interfere with over effect…
My logo placement version. The print version of this has another one of those annoying Arrow TV show banners across the top. But here you can see it as it its meant to be seen…

Out now!

Wednesday January 09th 2013, 11:36 pm

Batwoman Volume Two of the ongoing series is now available in hardcover at all finer comic shops and bookstores. The cover image below has one difference from the printed version, on the print version the logo is transparent allowing the art to show through…
Batwoman Volume 2- To Drown The World

And A Merry…

Monday December 24th 2012, 9:46 pm


Out this week

Tuesday December 18th 2012, 3:36 am

This week sees the release of Batwoman 15, sort of a sidetrack interlude issue into the main story focused on Detective Maggie Sawyer. And below is the cover process for this issue.

This cover has gone through an interesting evolution and will ship with quite a bit of a different cover than what was solicited. And this particular cover didn’t go through the regular editorial approval sketch process due to running out of time to get something done in time for solicit catalogue printing. So I described the basics of the cover concept and it was approved from that. It was then completed and everyone was happy, but then at the 11th hour it was decided it was all wrong. I’ll explain as we move along through the images…

Here is the original black and white version…
This is the original color version…
Batwoman15-cover- color
This is first version of the logo placement…
Batwoman15-cover- logo
Now what comes next is the result of that 11th hour problem of the cover being wrong. The goal of this cover design was to showcase Maggie Sawyer since the issue really is about her. The concept that you saw above was the approved version of that idea, and we all thought Batwoman was adequately represented by use of the giant red bat that the action and Maggie sit within. But at the last minute it was decided by upper editorial management that featuring a cover without Batwoman herself present was the wrong thing to do. This posed a conundrum as I really had no time in my schedule to create an entirely new cover. So I asked for their trust in making dramatic alterations to the existing image by figuring out a way to sort of insert more of a physical Batwoman presence while still keeping the design purposeful. This could really only be done with digital manipulation. So I took the below patch image, which was hand drawn then scanned and colored to use as the add in element…
This new image piece was then inserted into the cover, but things on the original image needed to be shifted around to accommodate the new element fitting properly. This is the result of that. And finally because so much had to be moved and shifted and ghosted, I thought it best to shift the colors slightly and then significantly alter the logo and text placement for a final design. Even though it was all sort of by the seat of our pants this time, I like the end result of the piece…
Batwoman15-cover- final