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Monday February 09th 2015, 8:54 pm

Quite some time ago I was given the opportunity to redesign Warlock for Marvel. This was way back before all of the film stuff for them went into play. The formidable Greg Pak was tasked to write a new series, and for some reason the people in charge felt I could contribute something to the new design, and also do the covers for the series. Charlie Adlard was the interior artist, and as always did a great job. Unfortunately the thing just didn’t take off, and so it was abruptly cancelled at issue 4, resulting in an unpublished cover (I’ll post that later). I’ve always loved Warlock, one of my all time favorite Marvel stories, the stuff by Jim Starlin was/is a tremendous inspiration. So being asked to be involved in an attempt to bring the character back, I was excited over the prospects. The trick for me was to try do something visually new with the character while very much adhering to what made him visually strong in the first place, staying true to the right feel, to do my best not to defile Starlin’s golden child. It was daunting, but the result is pretty interesting. It’s too bad this wasn’t coming out now. I think it would’ve been a hit now. With the new interest in cosmic Marvel happening, and excitement over what future films may bring in this area, I thought it would be cool to post these two images. The first is my final design, color by me. The next is the first issue cover for that series, color by my pal Dave Stewart
Warlock - issue 1, cover

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the symbol on the front reminds me of Matt Wagner’s Mage AKA Kevin Matchstick

Comment by Alex 02.11.15 @ 12:53 pm

One could only hope the right folks at Marvel read your blog, J3.

This is a wicked cool design but I expect nothing less of you. 😉 It’s so visually striking that it just begs to be cosplayed.

Comment by Katrin 02.12.15 @ 2:55 pm

Hey Alex
That symbol actually dates back well before Mage. The original Warlock had this on his chest, and in similar colors. It’s also similar to Captain Marvel (Shazam), which goes back even further.

Comment by jhw3 02.13.15 @ 10:19 pm

Hello Katrin
Glad you dig it. It was a lot fun to create.

Comment by jhw3 02.13.15 @ 10:20 pm

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