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Monday February 16th 2015, 11:59 pm

Sticking with the theme of cosmic from last week– here is that relatively unpublished Warlock cover I mentioned. It was meant to be for issue 6, but with that particular series being canceled at issue 4 or 5 it never saw a full a release. I think it may have been used in the tpb of the story, can’t remember for certain. The fun thing for me about this is the pose I chose. Not many know this, but I love Ultraman. One of the all-time greatest Japanese live action monster versus space-alien hero shows. I remember fondly being eager to get home from school when I was a kid to catch the latest 30 minutes (with commercials) campy bliss of it all. It was that show and along the Adam West Batman TV episodes, and numerous anime shows from then that sparked my fertile young mind. At the time there wasn’t really anything like Ultraman being shown regularly, other than Godzilla flicks (love those too). Back then I had no idea that what I was watching was from the 1960s. There was so much crazy mind buzzing things going with that Japanese stuff. I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. To this day I get giddy over the concepts and characters, I still really dig this cheesy campy stuff. But at this point you’re probably asking what the hell does this have to do the Warlock cover below… You see, there was an often used iconic shot whenever SSSP senior member Hayata used this device that turned him into the enigmatic silver and red giant alien Ultraman. It’s one of those things that just doesn’t go away from my brain, forced tight perspective angles, permanently imprinted glory. So, for this Warlock cover I decided to try to capture that same effect. It came out somewhat alright. When I look at it, I want to imagine the sound effects and cheesy heroic music as its companion. I’m not certain at all why I ended up associating doing a Warlock cover with my fascination of Ultraman. Perhaps it’s the graphic design nature of both characters, some subliminal correlation taking place, I don’t know. Or… perhaps it’s just simply they’re both cool as hell.
Warlock - issue 6, cover (unpublished)

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