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Wednesday February 04th 2015, 10:33 pm

Well, in an attempt to keep things relatively active here (I’ve been very neglectful)– I’m thinking about occasionally posting random images from my gallery at Flicker. Post a comment if you think this is a decent idea, or just a bit dull. Usually, in the past, I’d have more frequent content. Such as art of what I’m working on. But with Sandman, every reveal before issue releases is understandably negotiated by editorial. It’s difficult to figure out what can be safely shown that doesn’t spoil anything. And I’m rather indecisive as to what cropped art would be worth posting. So I’ve left it alone. But the result means that the blog has been very stagnant in terms of new content. And I’ve had very little time to devote to prose writing as I had previously discussed publishing here. Extra work time has been focused on developing projects that will follow Sandman down the road.

Anyway, so I thought maybe it might be a decent idea to post older images here once a week or so. So yeah, comment if this is appealing, or not. In the meantime here is something older to look at…
Desolation Jones - issue 4, final cover

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Comment by Andrew 02.05.15 @ 4:46 am

Hi Mr3,
My suggestion would be to post a series of your favourite pieces of work from any point in your career with a short explanation of what in particular you like about each piece. Would be a nice insight and hopefully not too onerous for you.
All the best

Comment by Karl 02.05.15 @ 1:08 pm

Hi Andrew

Comment by jhw3 02.06.15 @ 1:32 pm

Hey there Karl
Great idea. A little bit of commentary aspect. Uncertain of how far reaching into career history I can go, there is a lot of my old work that I do not have scans of myself, back from when DC was scanning all of it. I only took control, I think, around the Desolation Jones period.

Comment by jhw3 02.06.15 @ 1:36 pm

Yes, it’s definitely appealing. I always look forward to your updates and personally find it interesting and enlightening when artists talk about their work, creative processes, art techniques, etc. You’re a great guy to geek with. 🙂

Comment by Katrin 02.12.15 @ 2:45 pm

Hey Katrin
Thanks for encouragement!

Comment by jhw3 02.13.15 @ 10:20 pm

Yes – please post these randoms – I hadn’t seen that Desolation Jones cover before!

Comment by JoeLinton 02.15.15 @ 11:16 am

Hey JoeLinton
It’s going…

Comment by jhw3 02.17.15 @ 12:01 am

Sweet! Some interiors of this series would be cool too.

Comment by Jamie Tarquini 02.19.15 @ 11:18 am

Hey Jamie Tarquini
Maybe at some point. I’m randomly selecting stuff. So you can expect me to bounce around a lot doing this blog feature.

Comment by jhw3 02.23.15 @ 7:41 pm

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