Sandman Overture Finale is here!

Tuesday September 29th 2015, 12:22 pm

Finally out this week is our final chapter to the Sandman Overture. It’s been a long journey, one that surely took much longer than anyone expected, a cosmic story across space and time, and that is certainly what it felt like creating the series. But in some ways highly appropriate that it occurred this way, that life kept interrupting our journey, stalls and starts, ebbs and flows, moments of pause to wonder, then bursts and rushes of energy. The story itself has this quality to it, and so our lives and bumpy work flow schedules parallel. I think there is no coincidence that Dream’s life is jerked and interrupted by a massive bump in the road, as he is forced to deal with a problem that orbits him, one that threatens universal stability, and that we also seemed to experience our own set of interruptions as the unexpected in life pulled and tugged us away from working on the project in a fluid manner. Perhaps this very nature is why the story itself seems to evoke this sensation. Art affecting life, life affecting art.

Below are variations of the cover to the final chapter.

So once you’ve absorbed the last issue, you’ll get to do it all over again when the Special Edition hits– there are a few fun surprises in store for the final installment of that.

And lastly, there is a very special Hero Initiative cover for this final chapter, proceeds going to a very good cause. You can see it and other cover variants below…

Regular cover…
Gold variant…
Combo pack variant…
Hero Initiative variant cover…

Here is where you can find more information and where to get ahold of the Hero Initiative Cover…

Effective Wednesday September 30th, it will be available on Hero’s eBay store.

People can preorder TODAY at Graham Crackers

Info via Facebook

Hero Initiative Facebook

Signed copies of the Hero Initiative Sandman Overture cover can be found at…

Alternate Reality Comics, Las Vegas, NV
Flying Colors Comics, Concord, CA
The Comic Bug, two Los Angeles locations
Bedrock City Comics, five Houston locations

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