My Friend

Friday November 13th 2015, 3:02 pm

I lost a dear friend yesterday. His name was Bhangra, and he was a cat. A special cat. I know that those of us who have cats know how special they all are. But he was particularly special to me. I certainly have loved all of our cats that have been a part of our lives. But he was different. He was the one that always had to know where I was, he to had have breakfast with me everyday, If he’d been out on a backyard adventure I had to be the first thing he needed to see upon returning to indoors. He was a master hunter. Catching mice was his sport. We all distinctly remember the time he proudly walked through his cat door with two mice in his mouth at the same time, one already dead, the other not. How does a cat even do that? Master hunter indeed. He very much liked people, but wasn’t cuddly. He loved food, food was love. His favorite thing was to eat while getting a good rub down. He beckoned for food that you’d think a cat wouldn’t want anything to do with, like hummus; that is what he is doing in the above photo, demanding hummus. Always difficult because you can’t give a cat garlic. He was very much an office cat. Wanting to be in my lap while drawing, or writing. Sometimes content to just quietly sit next to my chair as I worked, often settling around my feet, or sleeping on my scanner. But it isn’t all those things that made him so special. It’s simply something that my loving wife said to me yesterday while laying in a crumpled blubbering mess, she said that he chose ME. That he had wanted me to be his best friend. This morning I stared at the bedroom doorway, as I kept hoping he’d be there patiently waiting for me to get up so we could have breakfast. But now he’s gone, he had cancer, he sadly withered. I’m left now to look at my office without him. And after a few days I’ll have to try to get on with work, even though something fundamentally is wrong now.

In 2012 I had written an experimental bog project, one that required me to post something everyday, and I had written something that was about him. That attempted to show how big of a personality he was. So I’m posting it again below in his tribute.

Jet sheen, light shines off revealing elegant ripples of sinewy strength. Leaping and jumping, no barrier can hold against. Sleek and intimidating, moving silently like a true hunter, a warrior not to be trifled with. Ruling from above, lethal, baring a mouth full of daggers. Stalking proud, always watching with gleaming eyes of yellowed flecked jade. Tall pointed ears perk, no sound escapes attention. The deepest shadows engulf, vanishing like a ghost, becoming invisible in the dark of night. I am lord of this domain and master of many, of lands vast, filled with concrete, trees and tall dried grasses. I claim this all. Be it burning hot, sleet, or rain, I will prowl, I will guard. I am King, The Mouse-Killer, Friend to giants. I am Bhangra, The Cat.

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