Friday March 09th 2012, 1:29 pm

I couldn’t help using the most cliche David Bowie reference as the title of the subject to this post, yeah I’m a nerd.

Anyway, artistic shifts are happening on the second arc of Batwoman. Unavoidable, but thats the thing with monthly comics, things shift before expected sometimes.

But we’re glad we have Trevor McCarthy able to step in. His work for DC on other things has been really great, Gates Of Gotham, Nightwing to name a couple. All nicely done, so we’re enthused to see what he’ll do with Batwoman. Go check out his Deviant Art Galleries, some great examples.

And we get the treat of a Ben Oliver cover to grace Trevor’s first issue. While I will be doing covers 10 and 11, and return to interior art duties on issue 12.

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Mind commenting or giving any insight into what actually happened?

It sounded like everything was going fine. Now your comment makes it sound like they’re not even using Amy’s covers.

Comment by Walter Kovacs 03.09.12 @ 3:47 pm

Hello Walter
No additional comments on the change up. As for the covers, I have no idea what happened with that, all I know is that covers were needed so I provided.

Comment by jhw3 03.09.12 @ 4:12 pm

Aw man, no juicy gossip? đŸ˜‰

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it!

Comment by Walter Kovacs 03.09.12 @ 4:32 pm

Sad to see Amy leave the book so soon. Was looking forward to seeing more of her work on Batwoman.

Comment by Craig 03.09.12 @ 11:07 pm

Hey there Craig
Well we’ll have 2 more issues, thats the way things work sometimes. But I’m happy that Trevor is coming in on the second half.

Comment by jhw3 03.10.12 @ 3:16 am

Hey – If you’re okay with it, then I’m on board. Welcome to Trevor!

Comment by Pam 03.10.12 @ 12:43 pm

Hey there Pam
Thank you very much. Support of readers like you mean a great deal. And Trevor deserves to be given the same opportunity as anyone else. And he is really good. I just want the book to do well. And seeing that there is some ugliness being thrown around on other message boards on the creative change is rather disheartening. So again thank you for the support you’ve shown this book. We all really appreciate it.

Comment by jhw3 03.10.12 @ 12:56 pm

Wanted to leave a comment about BAtwoman #9 cover earlier but there was no suitable place for it- didn’t really fall under the sookie stackhouse topic!

Absolutly LOVE Ben’s cover for #9 Love the hair where he just used the colour red and no detail. Amazing

RE: chaanges, sorry to see Amy go, really liked her art on Madame Xanadu, but look forward to Trevor’s art, even though I am not familiar with it


Comment by Alex 03.10.12 @ 9:19 pm

Hey there Alex
I’ve been hearing from a few that Trevor’s work is unfamiliar to some. Check out his galleries on Deviant Art. But what surprises me about some not knowing his work is Gates Of Gotham that he did with Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins has a lot of positive buzz on it. If I’m not mistaken its one of the better selling recent trade collections for DC. The covers he did for that series are worth the price of admission alone. Anyway, go look at his work at the link I provided. Really talented guy and he certainly has storytelling chops with a unique design sense.

Comment by jhw3 03.10.12 @ 10:03 pm

[…] Beitrag von J.H. Williams könnt ihr hier […]

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I wish I could reply but I don’t understand the language unfortunately.

Comment by jhw3 03.11.12 @ 7:47 pm

[…] goes out of his way to promote Trevor McCarthy, the incoming Batwoman artist.  Here’s what Williams had to say… Anyway, artistic shifts are happening on the second arc of Batwoman. Unavoidable, but thats […]

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I have got the Gates of Gotham Tpb, just haven’t got around to reading it yet. When you forgo floppies and stick to HCs and tpbs, it takes longer to read, naturally

Comment by Alex 03.14.12 @ 5:24 pm

Hey there Alex
It seems to me quite a few people have enjoyed that book, so it should be worth reading.

Comment by jhw3 03.14.12 @ 5:37 pm

[…] her departure from the book. I also read some entries posted on JH Williams III’s blog. One directly discusses the change; another is a bit more abstract. Also, it is my understanding that there are Batwoman pencils by […]

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When are you coming back as the regular artist on the book?

Comment by Arvydas 05.06.12 @ 10:41 am

Hello there
My next stint begins on issue 12.

Comment by jhw3 05.06.12 @ 8:51 pm

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