Batwoman Countdown IV

Monday September 12th 2011, 7:57 pm

2 days to go…

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The first thing that struck me with this is the underwater skeleton and how the skull reminded me of the “day of the dead” skulls. I love your work and cannot wait to get this issue tomorrow. I’m probably going to end up standing outside the comic shop before it opens. Batwoman is definitely my #1 title to get out of this batch of new 52.

Comment by Rogue151 09.13.11 @ 5:33 am

Hello there Rogue151
Cool that you caught the inspiration of the Day Of The Dead, that was a purposeful choice. I hope you enjoy the first issue.

Comment by jwh3 09.13.11 @ 10:28 am

Okay… I’m to thrilled by all the Maggie “sightings” on these pages.

Can’t wait! The layouts are just amazing, I am soooo counting the days!

Wonderful work !

Comment by Pam 09.13.11 @ 11:05 am

Hey there Pam
Thank you very much, I hope you’ll like what we’ve done.

Comment by jwh3 09.13.11 @ 4:03 pm

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