Batwoman Countdown

Friday September 02nd 2011, 12:24 pm

13 days to go till the launch of Batwoman. It has been a long road, but hopefully worth it to you who are going to pick this up. I know I’m happy with what Haden Blackman and I are building. So as we come closer to the release date, I’m going to feature some art every couple days here. A page or two at a time. The art in raw form, black and white, no lettering, no color. I decided to show some of it in this way because preview pages of the finished work are already online through other venues. So here is page 1…

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Looks utterly gorgeous!. Hope you’ll be careful not to spoil too much!


Comment by Karl 09.02.11 @ 12:34 pm

Too cool. The second Finally! in as many weeks. I know how hard you have worked this past year+ and I hope you are happy with the results. You continue to reach new heights with your artwork.
Now, we need a B&W collection of your first Batwoman run. (DC, are you listening?)

Comment by Michael 09.02.11 @ 2:11 pm

Hey there Karl
Nah, I’m going to wait a few days in between posts to avoid spoilers, and the pages may not appear in order either.

Comment by jwh3 09.02.11 @ 2:45 pm

Hey Michael
Thanks so much! And maybe we’ll get a black and white version someday. I saw that they released Hush from Jim Lee in pencil form recently, so you never know.

Comment by jwh3 09.02.11 @ 2:47 pm

Wow. That’s awesome! Just beautiful! I am sooooo looking forward to getting into this title! I’m utterly thrilled that we’re finally there.

I saw this article over at the Advocate :

Bravo. Bravo and, Bravo!

Comment by Pam 09.03.11 @ 6:32 am

oh man, that looks amazing! so excited! what kind of paper do you use for more ink heavy stuff like this?

Comment by spencer 09.03.11 @ 7:34 pm

Hey there Pam
I’m excited to see that its finally time as well. Cool that you saw the article.

Comment by jwh3 09.03.11 @ 10:01 pm

hello spencer
Thanks. The paper I’ve been using for awhile now is Strathmore 500 series bristol semi-smooth surface, but I get the pre-cut packs specifically packaged by them specifying use for comics professionals, rather than getting sheets or pads. These packs come as two-ply 24 11×17 cut boards. They don’t have the measurements pre-lined for you though, so you have to rule them yourself.

Comment by jwh3 09.03.11 @ 10:09 pm

awesome, thank you!

Comment by spencer 09.05.11 @ 2:44 am

Wow! Great tinkhing! JK

Comment by Vicky 09.16.11 @ 2:42 pm

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