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Thursday June 02nd 2011, 6:13 pm

Some really cool news has broke about a dream come true for me. As some may know, and certainly close friends do, I’m a huge Blondie fan and always have been. Last year Wendy and I actually got the opportunity to meet the band, it was astounding for me, and that is an understatement. However, certain things developed which allowed me to stay in touch with Chris Stein from the band. It was mutually decided to work together. First discussion was doing cover art for them on their next project following the current release of Panic of Girls. I really didn’t want to post this info until the band brought it up publicly themselves, which they’ve now done. I’m excited beyond words to work with them. Haden Blackman and I also developed a video concept for one of the new songs late last year. They seemed to really like the concept, but don’t know if the video will get done because of budgets and such. Thats how it goes sometimes, but there is gratification just getting the chance to present them with ideas. Seeing a published confirmation from them about doing the cover work on the next thing is just damn cool, I’m over the moon.

I of course let friends know. Who wouldn’t, right? And my good friend, James Sime of San Francisco’s Isotope Comics Lounge, has truly humbled me by this very sweet article he has posted about the night we hung out with Blondie. He’s the most awesomest! He describes it by far better than I can, so here is the link…

Panic of Girls

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Congratulations! I´m sure you´ll do an awesome work and with a great feeling

Comment by Pedro 06.03.11 @ 2:33 am

Thanks Pedro!

Comment by jwh3 06.03.11 @ 11:27 am

Oh, Rapture! It sounds like everything is working out for the best for you. You’ve certainly put in the time and energy and now I hope you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Comment by Michael 06.03.11 @ 12:19 pm

Hey there Michael
Thank you. Hopefully people like what they see when it all comes out.

Comment by jwh3 06.04.11 @ 10:54 am

HUGE congratulations. Your friend James told a beautiful story of the time you both met the band. As a big fan myself it made me tingle with excitement for you both. It’s great to hear how cool they are and excepting of other artists (yourself). Of course, this one of the reasons we’ve always loved them.
I’m eager to see what the collaboration brings but will try to be patient until the time comes for the next album with your cool artwork.
I wish you much luck and success.
P.E. x

Comment by Peter England 06.06.11 @ 4:53 pm

Hey there Peter
Thanks very much. The band was amazingly cool, pretty easy to talk to.

Yeah patience will be key. Especially looking at how long it took for Panic to get a street date, well after they started talking about it. But I do know they seem eager to get the next one going. Either way, I can’t wait to get started, ideas are in my head, ready to show them.

Comment by jhw3 06.06.11 @ 7:28 pm

BLONDIE!! is indeed awesome, she was massive in the UK back in the day. Congratulations.

Comment by Karl 06.20.11 @ 1:10 pm

I know a lot of love will go into this project, I hope the video will see the light of day but hey an album cover for Blondie what a dream come true, You must be on cloud nine well done.

Comment by Michael 06.21.11 @ 9:18 pm

More like cloud 900 😉

Comment by jhw3 06.23.11 @ 7:03 pm

Thanks Karl
The band is still roaring strong, although they seem to be a lot more popular outside America these days.

Comment by jhw3 06.23.11 @ 7:05 pm

Blondie concerts were sellouts on there last tour in the major cities in America
I heard another tour of America is come later on in the year. The UK and the rest of Europe and further a field they do have big fan bases though.

Comment by Michael 06.24.11 @ 12:56 am

You might appreciate the fact that my very first comic book shop was a corner luncheonette on Diamond Bridge Avenue in Hawthorne, NJ – only a couple blocks from where Debbie grew up (my friend’s mom was her best friend, living across the street)…naturally, my own zine is named DIAMOND BRIDGE, in honor of our region – stay in touch! Best, Napoleon N. Zivkovic, Passaic County Cultural Historian

Comment by Napoleon Nikolai Zivkovic 06.27.11 @ 11:31 am

Very cool, thanks for sharing that. Makes me think that one could play the 7 degrees or less game with Debbie and the boys, like the Kevin Bacon game.

Comment by jhw3 06.27.11 @ 8:00 pm

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