Post Election Chaos Blues

Wednesday November 09th 2016, 12:13 pm

It feels like a strange haze has set in. Like a psychic hangover that weakens the blood.

It’s been forever since posting a blog, but my mind just hasn’t been into it. Maybe that will change, I hope. Not that many probably care much what I write about on here. But it’s like talking to yourself in someways, like journaling stuff that others can read. And maybe there is some sort of energy feedback that somehow bolsters soul growth.

Anyway, election. Over.

In all honesty, I’m not being an alarmist, but being as real as I can be when I say we now have corporate fascist racist sexist bullies about to start running the country very shortly. Regardless of the reasons they were voted in, the fact remains they ran on a platform of bigotry in pretty much all of its forms. And was supported for that by votes going to them. This is such a massive step backwards. This was a metaphysical event. That is the best way I can describe it. We clearly are not the society a lot of us thought we were. How could we be at this point?

Example A: (revised, KKK did not march in NC) But swastikas with Trump’s name next to it, along with racial slurs have been seen tagging buildings. We can expect more of this?

A disease has been growing and we’re at stage 3 about to go into stage 4.

A lot of people feel like this will only be four years of time, but this in reality will affect the nation, and most likely the world, for possibly decades. I’m having a hard time being able to convey the gravity of this, words fail me at the moment.

But I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, we are facing a very rough long ride. And at this point it doesn’t matter what Trump does. It has more to do with what his election signifies, about the heart and soul of American and world society.

This isn’t whining over the loss. This isn’t sour grapes. This is getting ready.

We’re going to have to use all of our creativity to pull our dreams of better things into reality. This is our best tool to transform the dark into the light.

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“We’re going to have to use all of our creativity to pull our dreams of better things into reality. This is our best tool to transform the dark into the light.” ❤️

Comment by Bonnie 11.09.16 @ 2:22 pm

Exactly. I’ve never come closer to having a nervous breakdown than this year. Chump’s win is a perfect eff you exclamation point to a sad, crazy year.

Comment by Ralph Mathieu 11.09.16 @ 2:27 pm

Hey Bonnie
Hope you guys are feeling OK today after the fallout. Hugs.

Comment by jhw3 11.10.16 @ 2:45 am

Hey Ralph
Well said.

Comment by jhw3 11.10.16 @ 2:45 am

Mr Williams,

I accept we can have different opinions, lifestyles, and beliefs and still be friends.

I’ll concede the fact you are more articulate and creative than me. I also appreciate, even though, we voted different; you didn’t rant and call Trump supporters XYZ.

I am educated and do my best to keep up with politics. However, I think Trump isn’t polished, says a few things outside the lines, he has our best interest at heart.

I think Hillary has her wallet at heart.

However there are racist people who support Trump, not all Trump’s supporters are racist.

You see, I voted

Trump – white,male, Republican

Masto – Latin, female, Democrats

Polar Opposites, I really didn’t vrealize til later, while Celebrities calling me Trump supporter racist.

There are issues, I agree with –

I’ll just do 1) Immigration

Me and my wife went through vthe process legally. It is/was long, expensive, and stressful. But it’s the way it is. It’s the law.

Let’s say I begin to think Italy is awesome and cool.

Do I have a legal right to just move there and work?

Not without process, So why do so many think USA is wrong to process’s immigrants for medical and legal background checks. Both help protect us as citizens.

I think though we have to express ourselves through your local representatives much more on what’s important.

If so, then the check n balance will work best.

Til we meet again,

Take Care

Comment by tommy carothers 11.10.16 @ 3:22 am

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