Finally! The last Sandman Overture thing: Issues 5 and 6 Original Art

Tuesday May 24th 2016, 1:18 pm

The final round of select original art of Sandman Overture being made available can now happen. It had to get very postponed due to being very ill for over a month. So life got sacked for a bit. But with things are looking up, we thought it best to get this scheduled.

Mark your calendars: 12pm PST on Saturday, June 18th

This last round will be for the last 2 issues, and whatever else that is still available.

The spread below is a fun one, that does this weird thing to the mind when looking at its mimic of a book being spread open, Destiny’s book! As we see inside of the book, it immerses us dimensionally in the story. And it features a decent shot of Dream Cat’s gothically stylish Dream-cosmic sailing vessel. It was a challenge to draw this spread, to get the effect Neil and I were after. For the story to exist inside and out of Destiny’s book, while being inside the comic being held by the reader.
Sandman 5 pg 10 and 11

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