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Tuesday January 19th 2016, 9:45 pm

I’m having some very high nostalgia right now, at least for the next few months. Mainly, because I’m getting to do something that I thought would never happen, ever. And it all comes down to the very nice folks at IDW Publishing, graciously wanting my scrawls to cross some of their covers for a project that has been forsaken by very muddy legalities for many many years. A short time ago I learned that they had obtained the publishing rights to a comics concept that I can truly say is the very root of why I chose to be a comics artist, the one and only Micronauts. I’m ecstatic that IDW has landed this, found its way through the murky waters to find the treasure. I’ve cited in many interviews and general conversations just how this series impacted my childhood, I grew up a bit with those comics, and read them for as long as they were published. But ultimately what hooked my loyalty was the very beginning of their adventures, created by masters Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden. They were so very smart. If I had never come across their work on Micronauts I seriously doubt I’d be working in comics at all. Their brilliance on the title forever changed my direction, much to the dismay of many of the adults in my young life. However, along the way, I proved I was right. That deep down, from that very long ago discovery of the work on the series, I knew then that I was meant to do what I do now. And so when IDW announced they had garnered publishing rights for a new Micronauts series, and Rom as well (another very influential series), I had to reach out to them to see how I could be involved, even if only a little. To make an inner child’s dream come true.

I’ll be doing a run of covers for the new series. And I hope they spark your imagination in joyous ways.

Here is my cover to issue 1, with and without text…

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Looks awesome!

Comment by Frank 01.23.16 @ 1:27 pm

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Great news! I have a theme sketchbook I’ve been passing around for years of “evil giant robots” and I mostly just have artists make something up. Occasionally,however,I do give some art direction. At Wondercon a few years ago, I gave the sketchbook to Michael Golden and asked him to draw what he thought Baron Karza’s evil giant robot would look like. His eyes lit up and of the 500+ drawings I’ve got in the project, his might be my favorite. He’s amazing! Great to see you doing some Micronauts!

Comment by Tom Franck 01.31.16 @ 8:59 pm

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