Monday December 24th 2007, 6:07 pm

Well, as usual I’ve got nothing to really say at the moment but it has been awhile since my last blog. so I ‘m feeling the need to blog now! I hope everyone out there who is so inclined to be celebrating a holiday at this time of year really slows down to really enjoy it. Best wishes to you all.


Just finished my last 3 covers to Crossing Midnight and my single interior page contribution to issue 16, fully colored by myself as well (click on image below). It saddens me that my participation in this series is ending so soon. I really enjoy working on it and really tried to give the covers an unusual perspective while still being creatively dynamic. Overall I think I was successful at that, though there is a couple weak spots in my opinion. This series is fantastic in every way. Please pick up the trades as they come out. You won’t be disappointed by the creator’s efforts.


Amy Hadley’s work. Known most recently for her beautiful authoring and renditions on Fool’s Gold published by tokyo pop. SEE. very nice work. She also has a project in the works with Matt Wagner.

I just celebrated a birthday on December 18th. Had a really good time and received some awesome gifts, a signed photo of Debbie Harry (which is now proudly displayed next to the drawing table), a new ipod, robinson crusoe on mars dvd, pan’s labrynth dvd, the notorious bettie page dvd, a bottle of booze, a gift card, a signed copy of the black dossier with a head sketch by kevin o’neil (fucking awesome), cerebus the last day, cake and ice cream, and this hilariously cool portrait/avatar by my friend warren wucinich…


AIMEE MANN–one more lonely drifter in the snow
MOONEY SUZUKI– have mercy
THE CULT —born into this
DAVID J AND BASIC–splinters of the cross
HANK WILLIAMS III– straight to hell (double disc version)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS– weird revolution
SEA WOLF—leaves in the river
PETER BJORN AND JOHN — writer’s block
THE VINES — vision valley
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM– sound of silver
X — wild gift
X — los angeles
THE SUGAR CUBES — the great crossover potential
DETROIT COBRAS — tied and true
PRIMAL SCREAM — riot city blues
SWAN ISLAND — the centre will hold
THE AQUA VELVETS –guitar noir
DIE KRUPPS — rings of steel
DIE KRUPPS — odyssey of the mind
HER SPACE HOLIDAY — the past presents the future
MINOR THREAT — complete discography

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Good call on including X.

Happy Christmas.

Comment by James K 12.25.07 @ 1:47 am

I’m listening to Aimee Mann right now!
The Midnight page looks beautiful, I can’t say how sad I am to see that book go.
And kudos to warren for capturing you so well.
Merry Christmas.

Comment by scott 12.26.07 @ 11:58 am

Happy Belated Birthday, J.H.!

Also, that is an amazing Crossing Midnight page there. What did you use to color it?

Comment by Craig 12.27.07 @ 12:57 pm

hey there craig
i used photshop for the color. however the original image is done with a simple ink line and wash tones. with photoshop i converted some of the wash tones to color and added lots of other color rendering and fx to that. a relatively simple treatment but done in a dramatic way for maximum impact. my main goal was to create an image that was very pop oriented and surreal with a feeling of the metaphysical. hopefully you will think it works when you read it in the issue.

Comment by jwh3 12.27.07 @ 2:13 pm

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