Well… 8-17-2014

Sunday August 17th 2014, 10:16 pm

Skulking from corner to corner, scrutinizing every shadow. Poking under tables and chairs searching for unseen enemies, always high strung. Coloring of grays, browns, soft tans, and sandy whites. All layered with deep grey-black blocky shapes and stripes. Slightly billowy and lush to the touch, but it gets obsessively compulsively pulled out in clumps that skirt and puff along the wooden floors. A tiny brown reddish nose rimmed with a fine line of black. And two large citrine and lime wide open orbs that stare up at me with an expression full of love, “I love you. I love you. You are mine and I love you” they say to me. He always comes out of nowhere whenever Wendy and I get in the same room, no matter what or when, he arrives with uncanny precise timing, its like he is psychic or something, he always knows. Demanding our undivided attention, exclaiming with a voice that seems to have a hint of desperation as he looks up at us with his beautiful feline eyes that say “You are mine and I love you”.

Sweet Sammy
February 7th 2012

Today was a terrible day, and I feel a bit strange blogging a sad thing when I’ve been extremely inconsistent and neglectful with my blog this past year. But today we lost Sweet Sam after 16+ years of him in our lives. It’s hard to explain just what that feels like– when you lose a dear four legged friend after so long– he is family. I remembered writing about him a couple of years ago during a year long blog experiment, and felt like sharing it above again in honor of him. We first met Sammy when he was a very small kitten on a hot Fourth Of July holiday. A scrawny little greyish thing, and noisy enough to hear over the fireworks. He had been hit by a car in a shopping center parking lot, and his back hip and pelvis were broken. We managed to rescue him, but that injury never healed quite right. That injury caused him some serious trouble in his old age unfortunately, and played a role in what happened to him today. I wish more people had gotten a chance to meet him and see just how much of an oddball cat Sammy truly was. It easily took two hands to count his obsessive compulsions. They always made for amusing stories, such as the singular joy he took in finding and eating cobwebs like they were cotton candy made just for cats, very carefully leaving the spiders alone. Or no matter how docile he was here at home, all of his vet files and charts had giant red caution stickers all over them because he would literally lose his mind whenever going in for a check-up. Or loving to hide inside paper bags pretending that we couldn’t see him, and whenever we showed that we could he would get very annoyed while trying to pretend even harder. So funny and strange. And no matter what we were doing throughout the day he was there, most likely staring at us. He liked to stare at us a lot. As if we were his personal entertainment, waiting for us to jump up suddenly and do something just for him. It’s going to take a very long time for us feel normal without him. We love you Sweet Sam. We were yours.

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I’m sorry for your loss sir. Losing a friend is never easy. I hope it helped a little to write that blog post at least. The deepest condolences from myself and my friend Mayonnaise

(Forgive that stern look, she was focusing on birds when I interrupted her for a photo)

Comment by Mark 08.22.14 @ 10:45 pm

I´m so sorry.
Hugs from Mamen and me

Comment by Pedro 08.24.14 @ 5:33 am

Hey there Mark
Thank you so much. It was very tough time this last week. But yes, it did help a little blogging about him.

Comment by jhw3 08.27.14 @ 9:08 pm

Hello Pedro
Thank you! It’s been much too long since speaking with or seeing you both. Time flies. Hopefully we will get back to Spain in 2015.

Comment by jhw3 08.27.14 @ 9:10 pm

I think I know in a small way how you both feel, we lost our pet dog this year and it totally floored us, there were many tears shed. These companions are part of our families and they ask so little from us in return for their lifelong loyalty and affection. Condolences from Tiziana and I.

Comment by Karl 09.09.14 @ 2:53 pm

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