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Tuesday April 22nd 2014, 8:16 pm

The art I did for Blondie’s upcoming release Ghosts Of Download can finally be shown. I worked on this mid-last year, so all of the work has been waiting for a release date. That is now here, May 13th 2014, links below on where to order the package, and Blondie’s Facebook page and website. The package design is a unique one, there will be two albums in one package– featuring The Ghosts Of Download album along with another album of Blondie’s greatest hits newly recorded, and a deluxe version with all kinds of extra goodies. I did all of the design work for Ghosts, while the Hits portion was done by someone else. I worked on every visual aspect of this release, from concept, to cover design, to booklet design, and all the same for the Vinyl Double LP. There are different pieces or alterations for the CD versus the Vinyl, and the same situation for some foreign versions of the release– GO COLLECTORS GO! Below I’ve selected some of the art images for your entertainment. I’ll show more over the next couple weeks, but wanted to get a few Key pieces up for everyone to see. The CD booklet will print the lyrics for the songs, and here some of them are shown as example of the art design, but the album will feature all of the lyrics, all done in the band’s own writing, something they’ve not done before. The Vinyl LP will feature the lyrics as well, but very different in configuration, I’ll show that soon. The overall goal of the visual concept was to marry the idea of digital and organic, but done with a graphic sensibility. The first images I’m showing are good for getting that idea across. This mode of thinking brought the idea of the handwritten lyrics being used, so cool we were able to do that.

CD and Vinyl LP Front Cover…

Vinyl LP Back Cover…

Various Pages From The CD Booklet…

Order here…
Special Bundle Package
Deluxe CD
Standard CD
Double Vinyl

Blondie on Facebook
Blondie Site

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Comment by Victor 04.22.14 @ 10:23 pm

Totally badass! Love Blondie and love the new artwork. Would love a professional print of it to frame! Super cool, thanks!

Comment by Daniel 04.23.14 @ 6:08 pm

That is wicked! Well done on scoring the gig – and I second the call for posters! It’s everything you think of when you picture modern 80’s rock!

Comment by Dan 04.24.14 @ 1:59 pm

Looks awesome, man! Congrats on the gig, as well as hitting it out of the park. Something tells me you had a ball doing this…cause it shows!

Comment by neil 04.24.14 @ 5:57 pm

I’m so excited to see you doing the artwork. Blondie is a fantastic band and your art brings the album and concept to life

Comment by Luis Salazar 04.24.14 @ 8:38 pm

I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done.

Comment by Mark 04.27.14 @ 8:01 pm

Hey Victor

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 8:57 pm

Hey Daniel
Thanks. Looking into doing prints, we’ll see…

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 8:58 pm

Hello there Dan
Thank you. Hopefully prints can happen.

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 8:59 pm

Hey Neil
Thank you so very much. Glad you dig it. It was pure joy working on this.

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 9:00 pm

Hello Luis Salazar
I’m happy you think that about the work. Blondie is my all time favorite band, always will be.

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 9:01 pm

Hi there Mark
Thanks very much!

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 9:03 pm

Congrats! looks great! Cheers

Comment by Pedro 05.04.14 @ 11:16 am

Wow, these are over-the-top cool! Congratulations! No offense to Debbie or anything, but I think my favorite is Leigh! Very striking!

Comment by Pam 05.05.14 @ 5:21 am

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