Monday March 24th 2014, 8:43 pm

Well, I have been completely neglecting my blog since January now. I’m such a terrible internet host. It seems time has something to do with it. That is my excuse for now. As I work away on this current project, it does seems as if Sandman manages suck away time in ever increasing increments. I’m not sure why that is, really. But I do find it very interesting that this is occurring, since the story itself is sort of dealing with time and how it can move away from events only to circle back around again. There is a very strange sensation I’m having while working on this stuff. I’m a bit off kilter, that is the effect. Every new page posing a creative question in the turmoil of my addled brain. Questions I have yet to know if I’m answering correctly, or thoughtfully enough. I feel as if there is a creative sizzle popping and snapping, eager for a crash of a wall to release its fire.

This is tough for me, it is like all of my creative focus is honed into a blunt object on the project. Time being flattened across an intangible surface. Which means any other project, especially writing ones I had declared getting to, have evaporated into the dark pools recessed in my mind. And there they shall remain until time becomes something I can hold again. Frustrating because I have written a new intro concept story for a new blog feature and have written the first stages of a first act of the second story for this same feature. But I suppose everything happens as it should, when it needs to and not before.

On that note, finally issue 2 of Sandman: Overture is out this week. I’m relieved about this, but also quite nervous. It moves and breathes quite differently than issue 1, yet still feels like a part of the same story. That is a good thing. I’m finding the same is happening with issue 3 so far as well. It’s going to be very different from issue’s one and two.

Also, if any of you are making your way to San Francisco between now and the end of April you will find all of the art for Sandman: Overture issues 1 and 2 on exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum. The painted piece below is there, this is the cover to issue 2 out this Wednesday at all finer comic shops with good taste…

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amazing work regards from mexico

Comment by Joe 03.24.14 @ 9:08 pm

You can take as much time of from blogging as you need if you keep producing these amazing pictures.

Comment by Eric Lee 03.24.14 @ 11:06 pm

Hello, Mr Williams. Now that Sandman #02 is out…, i’ve read it, and i would like to know something. Where it came from the “Knight of Clouds and Shadow” and the “Forgotten Trumps”? Are they a reference to some book, tale, something? Tried to find some info about them, but I didn’t find anything.

Your work in Sandman is Stunning, so as it was in Batwoman.

Best Regards from Brazil.

Comment by Máq 03.27.14 @ 10:11 pm

Hello Maq
You’ll have to ask Neil about that one.

Comment by jhw3 04.15.14 @ 8:18 pm

I think it’s a reference to Roger Zelazny’s Amber saga. Neil is quite the fan of Zelazny.
Great post Mr Williams.

Comment by Liam 05.03.14 @ 1:14 pm

@Liam, thanks.

As far as i could see, those books were never published on my country. Not even a line about the author on portuguese Wikipedia. Maybe a reference to some of the names of the series books? “The Trumps of Doom” and “The Knight of Shadows”.

Comment by Máq 05.07.14 @ 11:25 am

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