Sandman (for Fun!)

Friday November 15th 2013, 10:28 pm

Here are a couple recent Sandman related pieces. The sketch is the Cartoon Museum in San Francisco, it’ll be seen as some sort of bookplate thing in their catalogue. The color piece is a painting study, and will be shown in some form in the relatively near future. I’ll update when I have more information about these things.

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I ain’t got any word in english to say it… wooooooo again!
Let us know if you ll be ready to sell some of your art about dream, or art at least tell s when you ll make your choice about it

Comment by mael 11.16.13 @ 9:49 am

Hey there mael
We’re probably going to do this as an event of some kind once the project is over. A massive gallery showing, followed with a sale date. So start saving your pennies ;^)

Comment by jhw3 11.16.13 @ 1:00 pm

Thanks for the kind words, it s started since we tlaked about it this summer!!

Comment by mael 11.18.13 @ 6:13 am

Please let us know if you are coming to the gallery. Would love to time a trip to SF with an appearance if you are going to do one.
I heard the show is pretty nice.
The book is beautiful BTW.

Comment by MDC 11.26.13 @ 12:32 pm

Hey there MDC
The painted piece posted here is for the southern California gallery show. But there is also an SF show at the cartoon museum. It runs from October 5th 2013 to March 16th 2014. We will be making an appearance there for the last phase of this exhibition event, and we’ll post that date as soon as we have it.

Comment by jhw3 11.26.13 @ 2:51 pm

Okay, if that’s a study, I’m really interested to know more about what you’re planning for the painting. It’s lovely btw.

Comment by Mike Jackson 11.26.13 @ 10:30 pm

Hey there Mike
I refer to pretty much all art creation as study. Particularly paintings. The piece shown is the final, but I consider every piece a learning experience, so that is why I refer to it as a study. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Comment by jhw3 11.27.13 @ 6:13 pm

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