With A Heavy Heart…

Wednesday September 04th 2013, 10:11 pm

Dear Batwoman readers –

From the moment DC asked us to write Batwoman — a dream project for both of us — we were committed to the unofficial tagline “No Status Quo.” We felt that the series and characters should always be moving forward, to keep changing and evolving. In order to live up to our mantra and ensure that each arc took Batwoman in new directions, we carefully planned plotlines and story beats for at least the first five arcs well before we ever wrote a single issue. We’ve been executing on that plan ever since, making changes whenever we’ve come up with a better idea, but in general remaining consistent to our core vision.

Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married. All of these editorial decisions came at the last minute, and always after a year or more of planning and plotting on our end.

We’ve always understood that, as much as we love the character, Batwoman ultimately belongs to DC. However, the eleventh-hour nature of these changes left us frustrated and angry — because they prevent us from telling the best stories we can. So, after a lot of soul-searching, we’ve decided to leave the book after Issue 26.

We’re both heartbroken over leaving, but we feel strongly that you all deserve stories that push the character and the series forward. We can’t reliably do our best work if our plans are scrapped at the last minute, so we’re stepping aside. We are committed to bringing our run to a satisfying conclusion and we think that Issue 26 will leave a lasting impression.

We are extremely thankful for the opportunity to work on Batwoman. It’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects of our careers. We’ll always be grateful to everyone who helped us realize 26 issues: Mike Siglain, who brought us onto the project originally; Greg Rucka for inspirationally setting the stage; our amazing artists Amy Reeder, Trevor McCarthy, Pere Perez, Rob Hunter, Walden Wong, Sandu Florea, Richard Friend, Francesco Francavilla, Guy Major, Dave Stewart, and Todd Klein; Larry Ganem, for listening in tough times; and editors Mike Marts, Harvey Richards, Rickey Purdin, and Darren Shan.

And most of all, a huge thank you to everyone who read the book. Hearing your voices, your reactions, your enthusiasm every month was such a joy, so humbling, so rewarding. You guys rock! Because so many of you embraced the series, we were able to complete four arcs, and your passion for Batwoman encouraged us to push ourselves to do our best work with each and every issue.

Thank you for loving Batwoman as much as we do.

Goodbye for now,
Haden & J H

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Your talents and your style will truly be missed. Thank you for a great run.
To say you have set the bar high on this series would be a gross understatement.

I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Comment by Chuck - 09.04.13 @ 10:41 pm

I am so sad and angry about this news Batwoman was consistently one of the best titles in mainstream comics, always pushing for original stories and art innovation.
I am looking forward to Sandman but Batwoman will always have a special place in my heart and i am sad that they will probably dumb down the character to a part of the bat-family or a generic female super hero without depth.

Sorry for the rant…

I kind of hate dc right now….

Comment by Pat Starnes 09.04.13 @ 10:44 pm

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done. Batwoman was the only DC title I was actively reading and so this is greatly disappointing. The writing, the art, everything about it was absolutely beautiful and I will miss it so much. You elevated the character in such an amazing and insightful way.

Looks like DC has lost one reader.

But I understand and hope you both all the best. Keep doing what you do best!

Comment by Erin 09.04.13 @ 10:51 pm

I am so sorry to hear that you will be leaving! Batwoman was a gem that truly shone bright in the mediocrity that is the New 52; it was also the only DC title that I was still purchasing. With this news, I’m afraid DC has lost my support completely.

Again I am so sorry to hear this. Your work on Batwoman was stunning, exciting, new, and fun. Most of all, it was important. Thank you for your amazing run, and I look forward to seeing your work in the future.

Comment by Lucy 09.04.13 @ 10:54 pm

[…] In a letter posted to his website today, JH Williams has announced that he and co-writer W. Haden Blackman have quit Batwoman due to editorial interference. He cites being blocked from telling several stories he wanted to tell as being the reason for leaving – most crucially that DC told him that he would not be allowed to show Batwoman’s wedding to her girlfriend. […]

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While I’m sad to see you leaving, I appreciate the honesty with regards to the editorial mandate prohibiting actually showing Kate & Maggie getting married. As a queer woman, a book openly showing and embracing a lesbian relationship was extremely important to me both to read and to support. And unfortunately, given this information, I can’t in good conscience continue to read and support this book (or, if we’re being entirely honest, this company) past your departure.

I look forward to following your future projects with as much joy as your run on Batwoman has given me.

Comment by Renne 09.04.13 @ 10:59 pm

Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring ride. Batwoman has meant a lot to me and countless other women. I’m glad to see her writers/artists (not just y’all, but those you listed as well) stand with as much integrity as the character.

Comment by Rach 09.04.13 @ 11:04 pm

What is wrong with them!? These could have been great issues, with inventive and wonderful, evocative art. The corporations just seem to be getting worse and worse across the board, and yet comic artists have to abide by them since the overall market has lessened, same with the film industry sadly enough.

Comment by Dave 09.04.13 @ 11:08 pm

Thanks JH for making a stand to preserve the art you created. For some of us, they’re not just stories, we understand the creative process and the bits of yourself you put on the page. Good luck on your next project. I’ll follow you.

Comment by Gary Wilson 09.04.13 @ 11:11 pm

I’m legitimately going to cry right now but I commend you for sticking to your ideals and direction you chose for the character. In light of these changes you were asked to make I’m afraid I can’t see DC in a positive light currently and so I’m unsure if I, like many readers I’m certain, will be able to continue reading without you two.

You both brought a vibrancy and humanity to Kate that resonated very deeply with me-Batwoman is one of the first series I recommend for new readers and I appreciate someone putting such thought into a character like me and like other LGBTQ women. She never felt like a caricature or someone there for titillation like so many lesbian and bi women are in the mainstream media so for that, thank you so much!

I could get into an angry rant about DC’s decisions but I’ll spare you because I’m sure you’re already thinking most, if not all or more, of what I am so I’ll just say thank you. Thank you(and of course Rucka too) for writing a character I could look up to in a world where ‘dark and gritty’ is seen as the only way to make a character resonate with audiences. I truly appreciate all that the creative team of Batwoman has done and you will all be sorely missed.

Comment by Kat 09.04.13 @ 11:12 pm

I’m a trans woman who found in /Batwoman/ and /Batgirl/ characters of magnificent resonance with whom I could feel some common ground. That may not mean much to the status quo, but it meant everything to me as a reader. Will vote with my dollar to show my feelings.

Comment by Aoife 09.04.13 @ 11:15 pm

Welp. No more DC books for me.

Comment by Evisruc 09.04.13 @ 11:20 pm

I’ve never commented, other than post reviews on my blog, but I’ve loved Batwoman since her first appearance and I’ve greatly enjoyed your take on the character. It’s a damn shame that you’re leaving and while I hate that you’re leaving, I applaud you for your integrity. I hope the PTB at DC realize just how much they’ll be losing.

Comment by Shelly 09.04.13 @ 11:22 pm

I work at a comic book shop in Seattle, WA and I have to tell you how much it meant to me and MANY of our shop regulars to have your amazing stories to look forward to every month and how much Kate and Maggie’s relationship just was a bright spot for so many. Being in Seattle, where gay marriage is legal, I would always smile when people would ask if there was a gay female character they could look into or just a female character. One who was brave, and unashamed of who she was – inside and out.

Thank you both so much. Your stories and your art were just killer and I’m so very sad to see you go. Maybe someday DC will understand the mistake they made…

Sabrina Taylor

Comment by Sabrina 09.04.13 @ 11:50 pm

they will give it to Hack Snider to destroy and every one will love it… makes me sad

Comment by Niik 09.04.13 @ 11:53 pm


And DC has lost another reader.

Comment by Squeal 09.04.13 @ 11:54 pm

I guess I won’t be supporting DC comics anymore in my Comic Shop.

Comment by Jake 09.04.13 @ 11:58 pm

I’m really bummed out about this and angry at DC Comics.

I have been buying Batwoman since the first issue, and I’ve been buying it in both print and digital formats because I like the comic book, the stories told, precisely because it is not status quo, and because I wanted to do everything I could to support it.

With the New 52 and with Batwoman, it was the first time in many years that I started buying and reading comics again. I bought 4 of the New 52 titles, including Batwoman, every month. Two ended up being cancelled. And now this one is compromised in terms of creativity.

Thank you for all your work on Batwoman and for trying to push beyond the status quo. I sincerely appreciate it, as a longtime comic book reader and as a woman married to a woman, whose impetus for getting back into comics again was Batwoman.

Comment by Brinstar 09.05.13 @ 12:01 am

DC’s excessive editorial interference has made it very difficult to want to support their books, but this, to me, is the worst casualty yet. No matter how good the new team on Batwoman may turn out to be, nothing can change the fact that DC editorial has killed something very special. The creative team and readers of Batwoman deserve better.

Comment by Waylon 09.05.13 @ 12:09 am

Dear Mr. Williams
You are one a small list of talented creators whose work I will always buy, no matter what you produce or where you decide to go.
It´s terrible knowing you are leaving Batwoman, one of my favourites series in the DC Iniverse thanks to you… I´ll stick until the end in #26, and look forward your Sandman series…
I think DC must be crazy to allow people like you to leave their series…

Comment by Ignacio 09.05.13 @ 12:09 am

Wow. This leaves me just… sad. Really sad.

I can’t believe DC brought you to this point, and I can’t understand what the hell is wrong with them to forbid you from “ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married”. I mean, what the hell¿? It goes against the very spirit of Batwoman’s stories and Kate Kane’s character!

Batwoman was the only DC title that I read, and one of the only comic books that I truly enjoyed nowadays. It’s just really good.
I first arrived to her comics with Elegy, and I did because of your art. Her “black and white and red” design grabbed my atention and when I first opened the book my breath was taken, I couldn’t believe how crazy your pages were. And then the story was great, the character was so well built and everything was perfect.
When you stopped being the main artist, I stayed for Kate. I love her and I couldn’t leave her. And the marriage proposal scene was like a triumph!
That’s why this news make me mad :(

Thank you for your work with Batwoman. And thank you for taking stand against BS editorial decisions. I’m glad you did justice to Kate Kane…

Comment by Lidia 09.05.13 @ 12:32 am

This is DC’s worst editorial interference yet. I’m disgusted by them and I’m not sure I can continue to support them after issue 26 is out.

Comment by Meredith 09.05.13 @ 12:44 am

[…] de la serie regular Batwoman después del número 26. Ayer por la noche, el creativo publicó en su blog personal un emotivo adiós en el que explica que su marcha se debe a cambios de última hora hechos […]

Pingback by J.H Williams III deja Batwoman por diferencias editoriales 09.05.13 @ 12:49 am

Batwoman is the only comic I buy, with you leaving I will be leaving too. The art and story combination is everything I’ve wanted in a comic and Kate’s character arc has been truely enjoyable as a strong woman I can identify with.

I won’t be buying issues done under DC’s “guidance”

Comment by Dani 09.05.13 @ 12:55 am

You reimagined the character and I cannot honestly say that I had much interest in her until I saw your work on it. Many people will lose faith I’m the title and many will drop it. Dc does not know how much this damages their image. It’s a shame they don’t appreciate the kind of art you and Haden produced. I’m sorry for their loss.

Comment by Wael 09.05.13 @ 12:56 am

Wow. This is really sad.

I’m glad you guys stuck to your guns. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t see how I can continue to purchase DC titles after this. I mean, this wasn’t the sole cause, but it’s definitely the straw that broke my back.

It really stems from the fact that your series has been a complete breath of fresh air and the idea of bullying you into changing your works just pisses me off. You should have earned more than enough respect for them to leave you alone. The writing and art simply speaks for itself.

I wish you two the best of luck, and you can be sure I’ll be checking out whatever you produce in the future.

Comment by Dane 09.05.13 @ 12:56 am

And another DC Book drops from my pull list.

Comment by Mark Stansfield 09.05.13 @ 1:38 am

What the hell? This WAS my fave Bat-title :(
I’m devastated and don’t know what to say more… :(

Comment by Red 09.05.13 @ 1:41 am

I’ll never understand some of the majors’ impositions over artists’ work…thank you for giving us these beautiful stories.

Comment by Tanngnjostr 09.05.13 @ 1:47 am

Good luck on your future projects, and like many here in the comments, this is my last DC book; bye!

Comment by bmo 09.05.13 @ 1:48 am

From the moment I have set eyes on your first issue of Batwoman I have been completely entranced by the work you have done with it. It has been my favorite book of the new 52 and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that you both are leaving the book. I completely understand, but know that your work was enjoyed and appreciated every step of the way. Thank you for a great run….

Comment by Dominic Davi 09.05.13 @ 2:01 am

I have thoroughly enjoyed your run on the character and am extremely disappointed to discover that DC has managed to alienate yet another writer with last minute decisions and petty squabbles.

It is quite unfortunate that countless others have already been driven away due to DC’s flawed editorial decisions — extremely talented and creative writers such as Greg Rucka and Mark Waid — and it is with great regret that yet another writer I profoundly respect has joined them.

Comment by Emmanuelle 09.05.13 @ 2:21 am

First of all, thank you, JH, thank you so much for everything you have done with Batwoman over the past few years. Thank you for the passion you brought, both in your art and in your writing, thank you for breathing life into a character who grew to be so much more than a mere character—a symbol. But yet also so much more than a mere symbol—a human being, albeit fictional, with all the complexities than entails. Your run has been truly stellar, a beacon of light in an otherwise incredibly inconsistent sea of hit-or-miss and mediocre New52 titles. Batwoman was the one book I was systematically looking forward to, and which still managed to exceed my expectations more often than not.
The news of your departure from the series is therefore absolutely heartbreaking, gut-wrenching news. Not to mention mind-numbing. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around DC’s intentions regarding this character and series… and to be honest, I don’t have much interest in finding out either. Issue 26 will be the last for me. Batwoman without you or Greg Rucka just won’t be the same; it won’t be the Batwoman that made me gasp, shiver and tear up every month; it won’t be the Batwoman that made me start collecting comics.
So, like everyone else, I am terribly sad right now (crying, even). But, more than everything, I want to thank you again for all the joy, the thrills, the emotions and the occasional introspection your Batwoman elicited in me as I kept reading it, month after month. And thank you and WH Blackman for sticking to your guns and leaving when you felt DC’s interference compromised your vision. This is an act of integrity and loyalty that befits the authors of a book starring the most badass, admirable, fiercely upstanding hero in mainstream comics that is Kate Kane.
And needless to say, I will be eagerly following every one of your new projects. And re-reading your Batwoman. We soldier on.

Comment by Mathilde Bouhon 09.05.13 @ 2:26 am

Really quite gutted by this news and extremely hacked off with DC.

Batwoman is my favourite comic and the reason I started reading monthly comics as an adult – being able to see an awesome gay lady in her own title.

Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful art and stories – I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

Comment by Amy 09.05.13 @ 2:32 am

Sad to see you go, but given the circumstances I’d leave if I was in your position to. In fact I’m considering dropping the series altogether once you do leave in protest. I was really hoping we would get to see Kate and Maggie actually get married somewhere down the line, but if higher ups won’t let that happen then I see no real point in continuing, after all if they can’t get married where else can their relationship go (aside from ending which I really don’t want!).

Comment by KKDW 09.05.13 @ 3:10 am

Batwoman has been one of the most powerful experiences for me in the genre if not the medium as a whole and I’m very sorry to see you go. And while I’m more a Bats/Montoya fan than a Bats/Maggie fan I’m sorry to hear they ixnayed a marriage, I love a superhero who has a home life. I assume the decision to to curtail that, is more the mentality that split Clark and Lois up (and Pete and MJ over in Marvel), rather than heterosexism or concern over the backlash of such a move… still it sucks.

You’re one of the great talents in the industry and I admire you greatly and it must be very frustrating to constantly held back. I will be supporting you in your next endeavor.

Thank you, for everything.

Comment by Ozaline 09.05.13 @ 3:13 am

[…] decyzji Williamsa i Blackmana były zmiany w fabule wymuszone przez DC. W liście opublikowanym na stronie Williamsa twórcy wspominają, że oficyna nie zgodziła się na […]

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soooo pissed at DC. Batwoman is about the only N52 title I get. I doubt I will get it any more :(

Comment by Alex 09.08.13 @ 6:00 pm

[…] J.H. Williams III issued the following statement on his blog: […]

Pingback by Re: ‘Batwoman’ Creative Team Quitting | Speech Balloon 09.08.13 @ 6:47 pm

I have various emotions re: this appalling news. Mainly I am terribly sad that you and Mr. Blackman are leaving Batwoman but I am also angry and frustrated with DC. I cannot fault you for wanting out under those circumstances.

And why do I feel like there’s been a death in my family? Because Kate has become much more than just a comic character to me and others as well. As an out and proud lesbian, I can relate and identify with her in so very many ways. You’ve managed to make a completely fictional character resonate strongly – struggles, triumphs, and all. That is a true testament to the greatness that has become Batwoman, month after month. You should be proud of what you have accomplished with her.

It’s been an amazing and beautiful run, gentlemen. Thanks so much for your continued efforts into putting out such a consistently wonderful title. You will be missed beyond my mere words. Good luck on all your future endeavors and I look forward to seeing your next projects.

Comment by Katrin 09.08.13 @ 9:32 pm

[…] seem to have been ham-stringed just as they were about marry Batwoman to another woman. From the recent post on Williams’ own […]

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[…] days already, but, after issue #26, the seedy streets of Gotham won’t be brought to life by J.H. Williams III and Haden Blackman in the pages of Batwoman. By far, Batwoman has been one of the best, most consistently excellent […]

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I am so angry at DC for this, especially for cutting off your run early in mid-storyline. Is there any hope they’ll let you put out the last two issues as a one-shot or something?

I cannot wait for regime change at DC. They can’t keep alienating their best creators like this forever.

You have my best wishes, good thoughts, and prayers, and I am definitely looking forward to your Sandman Overture work. And perhaps at Marvel…? :)

Comment by David 09.09.13 @ 1:02 pm

[…] J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman (co-authors of DC’s ongoing Batwoman title) announced via blog post that they would be leaving quitting the title after issue #25. The reason for leaving the title […]

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After 70 Years, Gotham Finds New Life in Film, TV and Books…

After 70 Years, Gotham Finds New Life in Film, TV and Books…

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[…] a post that went up on both Williams’ and Blackman’s blogs, the two announced that they are leaving Batwoman as of issue 26. In […]

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I am heartbroken as well. I love the Batwoman character and no one has brought her to life like you have. I won’t read the next Batwoman, no matter who writes it.
I loved your vision of her and Maggie. I am truly disappointed in DC. They had such a wonderful concept with the New 52. I have always believed that you have to trust the writer’s telling the story. I don’t understand…with such a strong falling…why would DC not trust you now? It seems to me, every time I trust DC, they go off and do something like this. I think I may have to go back to Marvel.

Comment by Melissa Carmichael 09.10.13 @ 6:32 pm

[…] a blog post, co-writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman explain that they will leave Batwoman after […]

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I’m sick and tired of DC messing things up. I have dropped 90% of the DC titles I used to buy since the “New 52” canon-shredder was introduced. I have been a reader of Batwoman, though, but will no longer buy copies of the series.

Best of luck to you both!

Comment by James English 09.11.13 @ 2:43 am

Sad, sad news. Your reason for leaving was reasonable, they(DC) shouldn’t do that at all to their creative teams, Batwoman will definitley lose readers as your great art and storytelling with Haden is one of the few reasons I am still reading a DC comic(and others too, I’m sure). All the power to your new work with the Sandman series Mr. Williams!

Comment by Nathalie 09.11.13 @ 3:35 am

[…] by “No Good,” I’m referring to DC’s Open Talent Search falling hard on the heels of the Batwoman Creative Team resigning because of continual editorial interference that final-straw manifested when DC upper-ups decided […]

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[…] a blog post, co-writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman explain that they will leave Batwoman after […]

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Though this news saddens me, I just wanted to say I fully support and respect your decision to step down from the title, and will follow your (and Haden’s) work wherever you go. As an illustration student, I’ve been very inspired by the work that you two have been doing. It brings visual storytelling to a completely otherworldly level. But beyond that, the integrity in your decision has really made an impression on me. Many of my friends who have graduated are compromising their moral values for the price of a fat wallet or “exposure”, etc. Seeing the two of you make a tough, but morally upstanding decision, reminds me that there are people out there who see their work as something more than a trade or a commercial skill. Thank you for that.

Comment by Ashley 09.11.13 @ 10:13 pm

I applaud you for sticking to your guns and think you did the right thing. I suspect DC’s decision to veto the marriage had nothing to do with an anti-Gay agenda and more to do with their usual desire not to marry a major character off. I’m not surprised they’ve interfered with a storyline that involves anyone challenging ‘The Bat’too. And since they were on a roll, why stop there when further ‘improvements’ could be made?. DC’s main problem is they have senior editors that actually believe they are writers who have been touched by genius. The reality is they are plodding plotters at best and would be better served learning to be decent editors, the job they should be doing.

Comment by Karl 09.12.13 @ 3:47 pm

Batwoman was one of the best books coming out of DC recently, if not the best. The writing was amazing, the stories were phenomenal, and the art was breath taking. I am so sorry to see you leave this book. Your work on it was amazing. Thank you for 26 awesome issues.

Comment by Mike Troiber 09.12.13 @ 4:59 pm

[…] að gera mjög góða hluti með Batwoman bók DC sögðust ætla að hætta að skrifa bókina. Williams sagði frá þessu á bloggi sínu, en þar segir hann að DC hafi ekki verið sátt með hvert söguþráður bókarinnar stefndi. […]

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[…] The other half is a fan of tattoos, and of reality competition shows, so Ink Master is on the watch list will me or nill me. This week, at least, my squirming at the thought of needles in flesh was at least going to be countered by something I’m into: comic books. Specifically, this week was a challenge to tattoo images of DC Comics villains. And, hey, go DC managing the corporate media synergy with their villains month. It’s likely to do much better for them than their other recent vilifying PR. […]

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Please continue to work together, & on at least one female-centric book.

Comment by A 09.13.13 @ 12:06 pm

[…] night, Williams made a post on his personal blog, explaining to fans that he and his writing partner have decided to leave the Batwoman comic […]

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a heavy heart indeed…sorry to hear the news and sorry we will be deprived of those stories. I hope it all works out for the best in the end for you and the Batwoman team!

Comment by sean wasielewski 09.14.13 @ 4:57 pm

[…] In a blog post, co-authors J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman said they had been ordered by DC to “alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines” which they felt ultimately compromised the Batwoman character and the series so issue 26 will be their last. At issue was the fact that in Batwoman #17, the hero proposed to her detective girlfriend. Inexplicably, DC banned the marriage. DC knew and approved the story arc well in advance and that the proposal would lead to an eventual marriage. […]

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[…] “We’ve always understood that, as much as we love the character, Batwoman ultimately belongs to DC. However, the eleventh-hour nature of these changes left us frustrated and angry — because they prevent us from telling the best stories we can. So, after a lot of soul-searching, we’ve decided to leave the book after Issue 26.” — J.H. Williams III […]

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Robin & I support you guys 100%! We know the kind heart and for supporting equality! It means more than you know!
Love your photogs R &R!

Comment by Renee 09.17.13 @ 6:32 pm

[…] week or so news came out that the co-authors of the Batwoman new 52 series resigned. In a blog post  J. H. Williams explains why him and co-author W. Haden Blackman felt that it was necessary to leave […]

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[…] compromise the character and the series,” Williams and Blackman posted in statements on their websites.”We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the […]

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[…] most pompous looking name in comics) and W. Haden Blackman (does no one use first names anymore?) announced they were leaving the book after #26. DC and new writer  Marc Andreyko (who is gay) claim that the decision to not Kate and Maggie […]

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[…] and comments, but that’s not the real story behind the sudden resignation. If you read into Williams & Blackman’s statement, you’ll see the real issue is that DC won’t commit to a story for long enough that they […]

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I have been reading comics since 1956. DC has always been my 1st preference As of last Thursday I took all DC comics off my pull list. I will finish story arcs from basic inventory, but I will NOT buy Batwoman if you are not on the title. Batwoman has been one of the most dimensional characters I’ve read in some time and to drastically change the direction of her character is too much. DC is loosing me and if their corporate mind set doesn’t change they will loose countless other readers.

Comment by Blues 09.23.13 @ 3:42 pm

I just found out about this now and well to be honest this sucks! Where else am I going to find an out and proud lesbian superheroine to look up to now? And I really wanted to see the wedding! Alas. I respect your creative decision however and I am just happy that I got to spend 26 awesome issues with the characters I’ve grown to love. Crazy to think it’s been two years.

Peace good writers. And just know this. To all of us, your fans, they are married.

Adieu, goodnight and happy drawing.

Comment by Sam 09.30.13 @ 8:28 pm

Just found out about this. Can’t tell you how bummed out I am about this. Thank you for your amazing work on Batwoman.

Comment by Kevin 10.07.13 @ 8:32 pm

First off, thank you so much for creating this world that has unexpectedly taken a place in my heart. I discovered her a little late, but I am now caught up and thoroughly invested. Secondly, would you be able to send me links to petitions or other movements that are trying to save the Batwoman that you have created?

Comment by CKF 10.14.13 @ 4:33 pm

Your work and the writings of Mr Rucka in Batwoman literally brought me BACK into comics books. I have enjoyed every page, every word of it, when I heard this news I was in total disbelief. How could DC possibly turn down one of their BEST stories out there. Alas, it was true. I wish I could flip a switch somewhere and make it happen, but cannot. I will truly miss all of your guys’ efforts in Batwoman after issue 26. I am thankful to see you paired with Neil Gaiman for his reappearance of Sandman. I’m sorry DC seems to mistreat their artists/writers…

Thank you for all your hard work past and future!

Also come to Houston next year for Comicpalooza 😉

Comment by Brian 11.01.13 @ 7:49 am

As a straight woman, who loves a powerful woman lead, Kate was an inspiration; flawed, impetuous at times, challenged by past demons, and yet a bit of a romantic. I was enthralled by the relationship between her and Maggie, and am so gutted to see such a beautiful story die out.
I definitely won’t be sticking around to see how DC destroys this!

Comment by Michelle 11.05.13 @ 7:09 pm

Hello Brian
Thank you for the very kind words.

Comment by jhw3 11.15.13 @ 10:36 pm

Hello Michelle
Thank you, I’m glad we were able to captivate you.

Comment by jhw3 11.15.13 @ 10:40 pm

I’m really sorry to hear that you have both decided to leave Batwoman and even sadder to hear of the recent news that you’re story arch may not be published. The artwork and story was incredibly enthralling and I was looking forward to finding out what happened in the battle between Batman and Batwoman, and more about Alice and her origin.

Saying that I think it’s great that you stuck to your guns and didn’t let them alter your original concepts for the plot and conclusion of the story arch. I know that DC prohibiting Kate and Maggie’s marriage wasn’t the only reason that you both decided to leave, but the fact that it was one of the reasons is fantastic and very supportive of the gay community. So thanks guys and all the best for the future x

Comment by Kate 11.26.13 @ 10:12 am

Hey there Kate
Thank you very much for the supportive words.

Comment by jhw3 11.26.13 @ 2:40 pm

I first noticed JH in that great book Chase. I couldn’t understand why DC pull the plug on that one. Then came Promethea and he got me for good. Since then JH is THE american comic book artist. But in Batwoman you outdone yourself.
Thank you guys. Whatever -and where ever- you do next, I’ll be there.

Comment by F. Cane 04.13.14 @ 1:02 pm

Hey F. Cane
You can find me on Sandman right now…

Comment by jhw3 04.15.14 @ 8:20 pm

Thank you for telling Kate Kane’S story. She is a huge inspiration to me and many other women as well as lesbians today. You’re work is amazing and can never be replaced! I hope to one day meet you! And maybe fight some crime? Or maybe just have you sign some stuff (: Thank you! You will be missed.

Comment by Kate Clough 04.22.14 @ 5:11 pm

The work that you did on these comics was, in my opinion, amazing. The story was great, and the art was breathtakingly beautiful. I’m sad to see you go, but understand why. It’s important as a writer to not let people tell you what you can and can’t do in your story. I admire that you didn’t just do what DC wanted you to do. It’s also sad that DC gave you trouble over something that shouldn’t even be seen as a problem. Best of luck to you!

Comment by Melissa 04.27.14 @ 11:30 am

Hey Melissa
Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated.

Comment by jhw3 04.27.14 @ 9:02 pm

[…] of high-profile creators to leave DC over issues of editorial interference. As Williams detailed on his blog, drastic, last-minute, editor-mandated changes to stories planned and plotted over a course of a […]

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[…] por parte de Williams motivado por injerencias de la editorial, como el mismo autor explicó en su blog. En el aspecto gráfico, Trevor McCarthy suple bien la ausencia de Williams a los lápices, […]

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This is just infuriating. Batman and Superman should be public domain.

Comment by Mark Bigford 01.27.15 @ 1:58 pm

Hello Mark Bigford
I’m uncertain of the legalities of public domain interests.

Comment by jhw3 02.04.15 @ 10:19 pm

[…] DC Comics se niega a que Maggie y Kate contraigan matrimonio. En un post que ambos han dejado en su blog personal, los autores explican su decisión de la siguiente […]

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[…] published. Recently, DC Comics drove away the man who created this character, and more recently his proteges. The announcement that Marc Andreyko was going to take over writing duties was actually a good […]

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[…] said “sometimes things change, and they change for the worst.” This isn’t quite that. The creative team, including the creators of the character, left DC  rather than continue to suffer editorial […]

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[…] and evolved him into something that was (arguably) more interesting, but given how DC likes to fuck their creatives, I’ll take what I can get. This is fine, this is fun, and you’d be much better off […]

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[…] they were homosexual but because no DC heroes could ever get married. The interference actually drove away series creators JH Williams III & W. Haden Blackman, giving DC a black eye to an already self-mutilated public […]

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[…] worth of their properties.” Or how DC, “after a year or more of planning and plotting,” asked the creators “to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines” of Batwoman. Or look at how John […]

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Comment by Silagra 07.26.15 @ 11:12 am

[…] DC, после «года планирования и выстраивания сюжета», попросили криэйторов «изменить или полностью убрать многие долгосрочные […]

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[…] Batwoman was cancelled in 2013 when the creative team of J. H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackmen quit after fighting with editors over if the titular main character would be allowed to marry her partner […]

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[…] bliss was short-lived, however. A few months later co-authors J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman announced on a blog post that they were leaving the series because DC Comics would not let them show Maggie and Batwoman […]

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