The Sandman: Overture

Monday July 01st 2013, 8:35 am

At last the title of the new Sandman series has been revealed! And here is first cover image for the series. This is the same piece that was run for today’s NY Times article but a better view. You’ll note the difference in color versus the article version. For some reason the image shown for the Times article looks grey, or dulled, or darkened. So I wanted to show it here with a clarification on the color. In both virgin and text design versions…

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This is just beautiful Jim.

Comment by scott 07.01.13 @ 9:45 am

NEVER have I anticipated the release of a comic because of the artist involved like I am with this series.


Comment by Michael DeLeRee 07.01.13 @ 11:44 am

[…] on the newspaper’s website. And so, lucky for us, he’s revealed super-sized versions on his own blog, both with text and […]

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You, sir, are just trying to kill it from the jump-off.

No foreplay, no warning, just BAM!

Comment by Philip Jean-PIerre 07.01.13 @ 12:25 pm

The first cover is stunning.

I’ve been a fan of Gaiman’s Sandman since it was originally published. A good friend of mine owns several original pieces from the series…

…and this Overture #1 cover is already among my favorite images of Morpheus. My impossibly-high, unfairly-high expectations have been exceeded.

Comment by citizenmilton 07.01.13 @ 12:42 pm

Looks awesome! Can’t wait!

Comment by CraigM 07.01.13 @ 2:27 pm

Hey there Philip Jean-Pierre
Thank you. Now I can only disappoint from this point forward ;^)

Comment by jhw3 07.01.13 @ 3:58 pm

Hello citizenmilton
Thank you so very much.

Comment by jhw3 07.01.13 @ 3:59 pm

Hey CraigM

Comment by jhw3 07.01.13 @ 3:59 pm

Hey Scott
Thanks, sir!

Comment by jhw3 07.01.13 @ 4:00 pm

Hi Michael DeLeRee
Thanks, but I suppose you will have to… wait ;^)

Comment by jhw3 07.01.13 @ 4:01 pm

Wow! This is simply stunning. I already love your work as it is and am definitely looking forward to seeing your artistic vision on this book.

Comment by Katrin 07.01.13 @ 5:38 pm

It looks gorgeous πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Comment by Romanticide 07.01.13 @ 6:37 pm

A-MAZING! Will us “mere mortals” be able to see the other version as well “Morpheus without his mask?” Also, will you be doing the interior art for this book as well? Many thanks!

Comment by Chris (the templar of the south) 07.01.13 @ 7:55 pm

[…] disegnare i nuovi episodi sarΓ  J.H Williams III, che sul suo blog ha giΓ  pubblicato la prima copertina della nuova serie. Tags: Dave McKean, J.H.Williams, Morfeo, Neil Gaiman, Overture, Sandman, Vertigo […]

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Wow! Such a strong visual tie to early Morpheus by Dringenberg and Kieth. This just draws me right back to that opening story arc. As always, I’m dazzled by your versatility as an artist, sir!

Comment by Mike Jackson 07.02.13 @ 7:36 am

Typically, I don’t buy multiple copies of comics. I am buying the hell out of this – give me a regular + a special edition please.

I haven’t looked so forward to a new comic in a long, long time. Can’t wait.


Comment by Chris Beckett 07.02.13 @ 10:44 am

Holy Smokes, that is awesome! Those colors are amazing !! Completely trippy and engaging and a real piece of eye candy!


Comment by Pam 07.02.13 @ 12:03 pm

[…] series will be illustrated by J. H. Williams III (Batwoman, Promethea), whose style and page composition is an ideal match to the dark and […]

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Amazing!! I can’t wait to see the new project come to life. I bet working with Neil Gaiman must be quite a challenge. How exciting. Btw, will you ever come to any comic book expos around Texas?

Comment by Nahuel 07.03.13 @ 2:17 pm

Awesome stuff JH!

Can’t believe Neil is coming to small Inverness next month! Have to get this printed off and Signed!

On a different note, you know what is happening with Promethea: the Immateria Edition? I managed to place my order on order got canceled!)before they removed it from the website, now I can only find 2 places anywhere that sell it!!

Cheers Alex

Comment by Alex 07.04.13 @ 9:28 am

Really really looking forward to this. Love the colours. Is it flowers turning into flames or??? Never mind no spoilers yet.
Re previous comment I didn’t even know there was a new Promethea Immateria landscape edition coming out. After the 3 absolutes I thought you and Alan had now published everything there was to Promethea but like all good myths the story never ends.
Ditto for Neil and Sandman. The future looks bright for this comic book fan

Comment by Gabriel McCann 07.06.13 @ 8:42 am

PS: I wonder if Swoony, Snuffy, Sleazy, Sulky, Spacey….will be making an appearance in this one?


Comment by Gabriel McCann 07.06.13 @ 4:00 pm

Hello Katrin
Thank you very much

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:00 pm

Hi Romanticide

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:01 pm

Hey Chris (the templar of the south)
Glad you dig it, thanks. Yes Morpheus will be seen fully. And yes, I’m the artist for this entire project.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:02 pm

Hey there Mike Jackson
Thanks so much. I’m glad you felt that nostalgic pull with it.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:03 pm

Hello Chris Beckett
We’ll do what we can.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:04 pm

Hey there Pam
Thanks very much.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:05 pm

Hello Nahuel
Thank you. And yes the work with Neil is definitely a challenge, one that I pray I can meet well. As for coming to Texas, you never know…

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:06 pm

Hey Alex
The Promethea book is still going to come, but we’ve had to push it back to next year sometime. So don’t try to order until it gets resolicited. We’re planning some extra special things with it that require the delay.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:09 pm

Hi Gabriel McCann
Not telling ;^) The Promethea book will come sometime next year, and it’s new format will create a new experience from it.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:12 pm

Thnks JH

I;ve already placed an order with

should I cancel?

Comment by Alex 07.12.13 @ 8:18 pm

Hey Alex
I wouldn’t worry about it unless Amazon says they are changing it.

Comment by jhw3 08.01.13 @ 7:36 pm

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