Saturday June 22nd 2013, 5:47 pm

For those who don’t know yet, but I’ve talked about this before, I’m doing artwork for the upcoming Blondie album release Ghosts Of Download (Wendy and I were stoked to have helped with a name for the upcoming album, just absolutely thrilling). Working with them has been a tremendous experience for me, and real personal dream come true moment. Which I’m excited about beyond any mortal words. And just this week, the first teaser single of the new songs by them was released to be heard. It’s called A Rose By Any Name. I’ve done artwork for this as well. Below are the front and back design images for it. I hope you enjoy them. We’re trying to bring something different. This is only a taste of the new music by Blondie. And only taste of the visuals being created by me for this release.

The new music is fun, dance and electro oriented, and I love that it sounds a bit unexpected compared to the previous couple releases. But that is what I’ve always loved the most about Blondie, is that they never do the expected. That they keep themselves creatively open to whatever musical inspirations strike them, regardless of popular trends. That plays a big part in what makes them one of the greatest bands in the world.

(One of the fun aspects of lettering for the band name on this art, is that it reminds me of play buttons on a stereo or something)

Blondie Site
Blondie Facebook

Front cover to the single
Blondie-single-front-clr-PRINT copy
Back cover to the single
Blondie-single-back-clr-PRINT copy
Possible CD Label
Blondie -Rose Single CD label

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I was so excited to see this! I’m a huge Blondie fan as well as a huge comic and J.H. Williams fan so I was waiting to see some of this collaboration. I wrote on the Blondie boards a while back about a backstage encounter with the band at a benefit show in Washington, D.C. back in 2009. Upon seeing Debbie I was searching for something unique to say instead of the usual fan ramblings and remembered that a Blondie poster had shown up in a recent Batwoman comic. I said this to Debbie and she yelled across the table to Chris, “Hey, Chris, we’re in a Batwoman comic!” Later, I read about your collaboration with the band and was so excited. I love the single artwork and just can’t wait until the grand unveiling of the cover art. And your Batwoman work continues to amaze! I’ve always been a fan of Flamebird’s so I’m happy you have updated her and continue to use her. It’s all appreciated! All the best!

Comment by Dan Tandarich 06.23.13 @ 5:13 pm

Honest to blog, flipping awesome and congrats!!

Comment by Pam 06.23.13 @ 7:51 pm

Beautiful, beautiful work. I just love it…and it suits “Blondie” right now, with being fresh and exciting. Can’t wait to see the rest of what you have in store!

Comment by Michael H Hamilton 06.23.13 @ 8:17 pm

Hi J H,
I love this artwork and eagerly await your work for the album sleeve. I hope your artwork gets the exposure it deserves with at least a CD release as well as the download. A vinyl version would be awesome too.

Comment by Paul Holt 06.25.13 @ 5:38 am

Hey there Dan Tandarich
Thank you so much for all of your support of my works. It’s appreciated more than I can really say. And Blondie rules!

Comment by jhw3 06.25.13 @ 11:31 pm

Hello Michael H Hamilton
I’m thrilled you dig it. And yeah, I think this art direction will fit the sound of the music for this album.

Comment by jhw3 06.25.13 @ 11:34 pm

Hey there Paul Holt
I think we’ll get some form of physical items down the road. And thank you very much.

Comment by jhw3 06.25.13 @ 11:36 pm

this is why Vinyl will always be tops!

Comment by Alex 07.04.13 @ 9:30 am

Hi Alex
There will probably be a full vinyl version of the album made available later.

Comment by jhw3 07.07.13 @ 1:10 pm

Great!!!! 🙂

take care n a big hug

Comment by Pedro 08.17.13 @ 8:03 am

Hello Pedro
So sorry I’ve not emailed in such a long time. I keep meaning to but then I get busy and it slips my mind. There is a chance we might head over to Spain in 2015 ;^)

Comment by jhw3 08.21.13 @ 11:46 am

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(from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

Comment by art picture 01.08.15 @ 9:37 am

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