Monday May 06th 2013, 3:30 pm

Update: Proceeds will be going to the Hero Initiative

I can finally talk about a cool little project I’ve worked on with Jake Wall, a friend of mine. It’s a limited edition suit lining for Artful Gentleman out of San Francisco, a company Jake has a major hand in. This specially designed project was an amazing opportunity to try something different. I’ve been wanting to do projects that reach beyond comics for quite some time. Doing work for music recently for The Sword’s latest release, and the upcoming Blondie album as an example. So why not fashion. This is exciting to do and exciting to talk about finally. Artful Gentleman do such amazing work. Everything is custom and highly detailed, their work is addicting to wear. I have two suits from them myself, with a third on the way. So when they approached me with this new concept of exclusive suit lining designs, I had to say yes. Just to see what the possibilities would be. And as an added incentive, a portion of the proceeds that Artful Gentleman garner will go to the charitable organization Hero Initiative. I’ve been a major supporter of their efforts of a long time, and this seemed like another cool way to do that. For now, you can see examples of Artful Gentleman’s craftsmenship through their kickstarter campaign at the link below. And at their website, we’ve listed contact info for anyone who is interested in getting one of these limited edition linings I’ve designed. The image and photos below show what it looks like on a vest, but this design is offered in multiple ways, just ask about it from the Artful Gentleman crew. Visit their kickstarter campaign page to see more of what they are all about for further inspiration.

Artful Gentleman
Their kickstarter
Their Facebook and Twitter

Artful Gentleman.

Suit Lining Design For Artful Gentleman
Vest/Suit Lining photo Limited Edition
Vest Lining photo for Artful Gentleman

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That is just beautiful Jim. Wow.

Comment by Scott 05.07.13 @ 2:50 pm

[…] Gentleman and JH Williams III are announcing this amazing work of fashion and art and they’re telling the world about it! Seriously, could this be more […]

Pingback by Isotope — The Comic Book Lounge » The JH Williams III Suit 05.07.13 @ 5:11 pm

Holy smokes, that’s beautiful! Pretty cool folks, too – they even make custom suits for women! Right on!

Comment by Pam 05.07.13 @ 6:52 pm

Fan-freakin’-tastic! It’s not “just” art but beautiful, stylish, wearable art. This reminds me of William Morris channeling his creative energies from paint to textiles, some of which were used for very fashionable clothing at the time. You are in good company there.

I second Pam’s sentiments on Artful Gentlemen tailoring women’s clothes too. That’s a most welcome change of pace.

Comment by Katrin 05.08.13 @ 7:35 pm

I am so thrilled about this! Amazing and ridiculously exciting. Cannot wait to see in person!! xoxox

Comment by Bonnie 05.09.13 @ 10:34 pm

Hey there Scott
Thank you very much.

Comment by jhw3 05.09.13 @ 10:41 pm

Hey there Pam
Thanks. And yes, they do it all.

Comment by jhw3 05.09.13 @ 10:42 pm

Hello Katrin
I’m glad you dig it. I hope to be doing more things like this for certain. And yeah, they do good work.

Comment by jhw3 05.09.13 @ 10:43 pm

Hey Bonnie
So cool of you to say. And yeah, you have to see it in person for sure.

Comment by jhw3 05.09.13 @ 10:44 pm

Woaaa! looks awesome! elegant n´original

Comment by Pedro 05.19.13 @ 6:08 am

sorry outta of my price league, but hope you don’t mind me plugging Amy Reeder’s Kickstarter project

Comment by Alex 06.01.13 @ 7:06 pm

Hi Pedro
Thank you.

Comment by jhw3 06.18.13 @ 6:54 pm

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