What name is it again?

Saturday April 20th 2013, 2:33 pm

Arrgh and hell! Apparently somewhere along the way we, the Batwoman team, goofed up the spelling of Jacob’s wife name. We’re not sure how it slipped by the last two issues, but it is a “duh, what were we thinking” moment. So yes, her name is Catherine with a C, not what got printed, Katherine with K isn’t right. The odd thing is that this literally slipped passed everyone. But you can expect the next issues to be correct, and the published 18 and 19 will be corrected for the collected editions ;^)

The joy of typos.

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Not to nitpick, but back during the second Batwoman #0 issue I noticed that you spelled Renee Montoya’s first name as “Rene”. D’oh!

Don’t worry though. We won’t hold it against you. 🙂

Comment by CraigM 04.20.13 @ 2:52 pm

Hey CraigM
Yeah, we need to fix that in the collection for volume 3.

Comment by jhw3 04.23.13 @ 8:30 pm

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