New art soon to be available (UPDATE)

Saturday March 16th 2013, 2:45 pm

It’s been much much too long since putting up art to be available. So Issue 14 through 17 will be going up in one week, Saturday March 23rd.

(UPDATE): The pages should go up this Saturday around noon pacific. Hopefully we won’t have any problems with the time like we did on the last sale. Also, some pages may not be made available due to some not leaving our possession.

Now for your enticement…
Batwoman 14 pg 4 and 5
Batwoman 14 pg 8 and 9
Batwoman 14 pg 20
Batwoman 15 pg 20
Batwoman 16 pg 1
Batwoman 16 pg 14 and 15
Batwoman 16 pg 16 and 17
Batwoman 17 pg 2 and 3
Batwoman 17 pg 6 and 7
Batwoman 17 pg 20

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Awesome art going up, if only I could afford one! Will you be selling the last page of 17? What I wouldn’t give to have that!

Comment by Christina 03.19.13 @ 12:17 pm

Hello Christina
Thanks very much. And yes the last page of 17 will most likely be made available. We’re still making some final decisions on pages.

Comment by jhw3 03.20.13 @ 12:32 pm

Ugh, your killing me! These are beautiful. So worth the money. You don’t take commissions do you? My credit card limit was recently raised, just saying. I’ve got my eye on some Hex pages as well.

Comment by Jason McNamara 03.22.13 @ 6:18 pm

Hey there Jason
Thanks for the kind words.

I used to take on commissions, but just don’t have time anymore.

Comment by jhw3 03.22.13 @ 8:00 pm

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