Monday December 31st 2012, 9:53 pm

Numbers. Thats what I’m thinking about vaguely today as I write this final blog post of the year. I had set on this year long blog experiment not really knowing just what it was about, just knowing I wanted to capture some idea of my daily life and surroundings, a self imposed exercise. And also in defiance of the doomsayers and the end of the world pushers that 2012 was so inappropriately linked with, through the will of creation ignore all of that and welcomingly embrace the here and the now, to claim a continued reality. And I knew that I wanted to have some sort of countdown aspect, hence the number being the title of this blog excursion. The idea was to cross the year date with the number of days in a year’s span, and to end up with only the year date left mixed with zeros. So much for that! Somewhere along the way I must’ve mis-numbered some of the posts and never caught on, as clearly evidenced by this last post being the number that it is. Math was never my strong suit. And here I thought I was being oh so clever. The joke is on me. Or is it? I suppose it could be a subconscious message to myself, that the blog shouldn’t end at all, this reality goes on. This is something I’ve been considering for quite some time, especially when hearing from readers asking so very kindly for it not to end, that some of you out there have been enjoying this little journey of mine. A journey that had brought scrutinizing details of the ordinary things we sometimes take for granted. Then came other things, a few dabbles in weird poetry, surrealist dream accounts, celebrations of comics, moments of anger, expressing drudgery, politics, frustrations on the art process, forgetfulness, a strange serialized pulp story, verbalizing images, self analysis, gratitudes for the people in my life, to name some, but all coalescing into one pure message: Honesty Of Mind. Ultimately, this seems to be the point of it all. To, in some small meandering way, present an honest picture of thought.

So with that said, I feel I do wish to continue this blog, but not necessarily in the same manner, its time for it to transform into another experiment. I’ve been mulling over a fiction blog that has one simple connecting theme. But I’ll need time to prep this idea, so everything will be on hiatus as I develop this concept a bit more in my head. And when the blog returns to life once more it most likely will be roughly a once a week thing, as what I’m thinking will be slightly more ambitious longer reads. Ones that I hope all of you who’ve been reading these little indulgences will come back for.

Now the day draws close to an end, the chill of the winter air penetrates my feet, and I wait for the calendar to shift into a new year, symbolically gestured by watching via television the flashing lights of a glittery glass ball descending in the middle of Time Square, with hopes for everyone to keep their dreams alive.

Its quiet, oh so quiet. My eyes lazily drift, blearily gazing upward and to my left. Focusing deeply on the little black protrusion that extends sideways off the trunk of the tallest earthy wooden post that any little floating dust particles could ever hope to find. They gleam and flicker in the single dim white yellow light, tiny stars dancing around before softly gently settling down on the long grooved cylinder plastic appendage. My fingers clumsily clasp it, and with a turn and pushed twist there is only the sound of the familiar click, and almost simultaneously it all goes blissfully dark.

December 31st 2012

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Onward and upward, Captain. 😀

Comment by Ash Helling 01.01.13 @ 10:21 pm

Congrats on finishing the experiment. The little glimpse made it seem like we don’t live hundreds of miles apart. I really liked that you brought it back to the lamp, nice touch. Happy new year! Let’s talk soon.

Comment by scott 01.02.13 @ 11:33 am

Thank you, sorry, been running silent a bit…

Comment by jhw3 01.09.13 @ 11:38 pm

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your daily thoughts on this blog. It was really cool to get a glimpse into the process.

~ Pam

Comment by Pam 01.15.13 @ 7:22 am

Hey there Pam
Glad you enjoyed it. The next blog concept will be coming as soon as I can get it figured out.

Comment by jhw3 01.23.13 @ 12:13 am

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