Thursday December 27th 2012, 11:15 pm

Flashes of supposed insight, but really based on bias and spread like a plague. Especially in this “information” age. I find it fascinating, and increasingly disturbing, that in this time where open and free communication is so valued that there seems to be quickness and rashness to quell any view that tends to be disagreed with, even in the instances where the subject isn’t to be taken all that seriously. There seems to be an eagerness rising to wholeheartedly bash someone for the slightest interpretation of an idea that is disagreeable, and this usually comes in the form of throwing around terms like boycott. And the sad part of it all is that in most cases the quickly angered seem to not really look deeply at the subject being railed against, therefore missing the message entirely or skewing it beyond it’s real intentions, causing a false sense of offense, a faux outrage. With so many avenues now open to share in ideas with each other, to extend thoughts on a variety of subjects, some thought provoking, we seem to have devolved into “its my way and if you disagree I will crush you”, instead of thoughtful debates as we should be doing as a supposedly intelligent forward thinking society. So there is a bit of paradox at work in that while developing new ways for us to reach other, we have begun to not really hear what someone might actually be saying. Its almost as if some just want to be angry, and so look for anything to be angry about. And instead of focusing on the real issues of the day, real horrors to be upset over, it gets directed toward more frivolous pursuits in the guise of “don’t want to be preached at”. I’m not quite sure why there is this misdirection of anger taking place, why true hard problems are glossed over in favor in the trivial, but from what I see, this is where things are now…

Lame Talk
December 27th 2012

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