Wednesday December 26th 2012, 11:22 pm

Rearranging. Reorganizing. Placing my thoughts into a new order is just what I need to clear out the sticky dusty cobwebs in my brain that I always seem to have after the holidays are over. I never can quite understand why I get this sensation of feeling all wobbly tired and out of it around this time of year, especially considering that I tend to be rather unproductive during the break. But it does happen to me every year. Maybe its that knowing the cycle is about to reset with the new year approaching, a sort of shutting down and transition into the next phase. And so I’ve also set out to do something with the next Batwoman issue I’m drawing to reinforce this concept of reshuffling the thought deck, re-stacking things in a new order to place crisper cards on top. I’ve always, always, drawn every issue I’ve done in page reading order, always built the progressions from first page forward. But for some reason my gut is telling me not to do it this way for the final issue of this story arc, that I need to draw it out of order. As example, today I’ve drawn the last page first. This must-do inspiration being such a new thing to try shouldn’t come as a surprise to me with needing to reset my brain in general, but it does. It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out, I am a bit nervous about it because I’ve never ever done things this way. But my gut is telling me this is how it must be, its never been wrong before, and so…

Doing The Brain Shuffle
December 26th 2012

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Just call it Batwoman – Momento Edition :^)

Comment by Ubence 12.27.12 @ 7:17 am

Hey Ubence
Should we publish it that way, all out of order? Just drive everyone nuts! Probably best to not have a repeat of that ;^)

Comment by jhw3 12.27.12 @ 11:18 pm

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