Tuesday December 25th 2012, 9:06 pm

Littered with shreds of golden jewel toned debris everywhere, pops of bright reds, and pinks, of metallic silvers and blues, like a floor of covered in colorful enticing candy. The remnants of tight wrappings that hid numerous brown paper boxes of all shapes and sizes. It seems no matter what age I become, how much I supposedly mature, their is a giddiness that comes over me when diving into gifts. The temporary mystery of them being solved as the sound of rips and tears fills the room captivatingly. I believe the trick to it isn’t really in what the items are, but in the fact that someone dear put care into choosing them, and this in some small way is hopefully how we can show our love and honor of those we hold close in our hearts. As the saying goes “Its the thought that counts”.

Best Wishes To All On This Day
December 25th 2012

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