Monday December 24th 2012, 3:20 am

Ooohh STENCH and ick, such ick. Having pets can bring absolute comfort and joy. The goofy running around and odd behaviors, expressive fuzzy faces, and distinct personalities, you can’t help but love them. We adore our littlest family members, they keep the atmosphere alive in the house, and we can’t imagine things without them, honestly. But every now and then, you get greatly unwelcome events, when the other side of the equation rears, and suddenly, at least for a brief moment all of the cuddly cuteness rapidly evaporates. There is nothing worse than a cat with diarrhea. Go ahead, let your imagination run with that… yeah… I guess we can consider it fortunate that the “trouble” didn’t happen last night during our christmas party.

Stepping In It
December 23rd 2012

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