Saturday December 22nd 2012, 12:37 pm

Metallic blue stripes of ever so subtle varying shades and widths, divided by nice even white lines. There is something appealing about stripes. Why is that? Then to give a balanced interest within the stacks there are a plenty of silver and snowflakes, and jeweled reds and warm oranges, shiny tightly delicately constructed ribbons popped and fluffed atop most of them. It all almost glows and sparkles with stupendous mystery, at least the ones that sit there that I have no idea of their contents. But ultimately, as I liberally measure and attempt to cut straight, finding the perfect shapes, I can’t help but reflect on how it all makes me feel. There is care in every fold, and in every smacking of tape, care in how all of it is arranged so that that eyes climb upward and over the pile as they glance across, care that this all represents in some very small way a showing of appreciation for those we hold dear in our lives. Each package hopefully containing a token of joy for it’s holder.

Wrapping The Presents For The Big Day
December 21st 2012

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