Thursday December 20th 2012, 11:27 pm

Sluggish and brain-numbed. Dragging my mind through a murkiness, like an ocean of thick. Oppressive overwhelming sleepiness is the order of the day. Not sure why, I think I slept somewhat well. But sometimes I’m just drearily sleepy. Leading to a creative output made of frustration as the construction lines refuse to cooperate. I do very little sketching before going straight into ink work, no finished pencil work, but those sketches have to be just right for it all to work out properly. And this energy suck that hangs over me today makes it to where those sketches just aren’t working. I hate this feeling, I’ve experienced it before, sometimes when I’m this kind of tired its almost as if I’ve forgotten how to draw. And its always on something that should be simply done. I think I sketched the same figures five or six times per panel before they took some form of decent coherency.

December 20th 2012

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Holy hell, I’m in precisely the same predicament at this very moment. Lmao. I looked up your blog as a brief distraction from being frustrated. May we both pull it together!

Comment by Ash Helling 12.20.12 @ 11:45 pm

Hey there Ash
I ended up feeling the same the next day too, hate that sensation. Hope yours is on the way out.

Comment by jhw3 12.22.12 @ 12:41 pm

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