Thursday December 20th 2012, 1:04 am

Words. Words are quite magical. Language is magical. In that combinations of letters (glyphs if you will) combined in almost innumerable ways to form words in a wide variety of languages and dialects all around the Earth really kind of create our reality, create our world through definition of thought processes formed of language. And that entire imagined worlds can be brought forth into our minds that live almost equally as strong as the hard perception of reality that we experience and call “here”. What is so compelling to me is that first delving into of an admired book recommended and given to me by a dear friend, in this instance my esteemed colleague Todd Klein. That first immersion into another mind’s imagined world described and given to us by use of language, allowing me to explore, is a true gift. There is nothing quite like the feeling of those very first chapters of reading a book, especially one that I virtually know nothing about, did no research on ahead of time, my only knowledge is the appreciation of it from another person’s exploration of it’s virtues. Regardless of when it was written, its still new and exciting to my mind, this is how it lives and breathes, as each new reader discovers it’s structured telling, it’s world built of language conveying ideas. The sensation is one of elation and wonder as to where this new reality that I’m visiting will take me, what lays around the corner, down the road, what astounding vistas await.

Beginning To Read Nine Princes In Amber
December 19th 2012

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