Tuesday December 18th 2012, 2:59 am

Every now and then something peculiar happens in the work creation process. Writing scenes for myself to draw well in advance forces me to think about layout structures much further ahead than working with someone else as the writer, which has been the bulk of my career. Some scenes live in utter clarity within my mind and that is what goes down on paper for the written script, and this idea will exist in that form for weeks on end before I have an opportunity to start drawing it. Now having thought about exactly what I am going to do for a layout of a double page art spread so far ahead thoroughly, I’ll sit down ready to draw how I’d been envisioning it for at least a month or longer. But then on relatively common occasion something random happens, pops and sizzles into brain at the very last moment causing me to essentially toss the visual idea I’d been living with, so married to, completely right out of my head replacing it with something entirely new and this is what I end up going for. I find it a bit strange that this will occur, and almost in an unthinking way as well, but in most instances I find the new out of left field idea much more gratifying and engaging. And this is what I’ll draw up in a moment of spontaneous fervor. I’ve mentioned in many interviews that I design by my gut, relying on instinctual vibes rather than over thinking things. And what I just discussed is one example of what I mean by that.

Design On Automatic
December 17th 2012

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