Tuesday December 11th 2012, 1:22 am

Standing firm, rigidly proudly a mighty 7 inches tall. Sheen of royal blues and fire engine reds, and jet. There is something about the festive brightness of color contrasting in detail that is rather very appealing. You can easily find yourself staring blissfully at the little golden lattice and scrolling touches here and there, which clearly shows a craftsmanship from a caring eye. Although his stance is confident, he does so with the aid of a golden staff, as one of the oddest things about all of his details is that he is missing one of his little black booted feet. Escaping from under his domed crown of candy red and tinged gold is long frazzled white hair, and an equally frazzled white beard lines a face painterly swathed with bold black mustache and brows, balanced delicately to give the impression of amiable character. But somehow I feel there is an almost tamed wildness as well, like there is a mean dirty joke hiding within that tiny wooden head as his unblinking pop blue eyes stare forward, his mouth baring a thin line of ready to chomp teeth.

Introducing Peg Leg Paul (Our Nutcracker Yearly Guest)
December 10th 2012

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