Monday November 19th 2012, 3:18 am

Twisted up into knots and feeling a bit sliding sideways. Insides turned out into visions of blood red trapped in a grey gloom of warped claustrophobic delirium. A sickness rooted into vivid dimensions of sputtering rotten spasms of psychosis. It threatens, it disturbs. Utterly creepy, nerve twitching, it almost smells, and leaves a putrid flavor within my mind. Coming away from it needing to clear my head, it makes my stomach hurt. It mesmerizes in its collision of nightmare genres, the absurd juxtapositions adding to the topsy-turvy equilibrium destroying effect, using commonly known horrific tropes that really are quite generic. But through the genius mashing of them into off kilter editing with a high surreal bent somehow sets a new stage, one that seeps deep down into the subconscious primal brain triggering that icky lingering sensation. I’m of course talking about American Horror Story: Asylum. Gripping thoughts into haunted irrationality. But yet, there isn’t enough, its so good I crave more of it’s drug, but I can only handle tapping that vein in small doses.

A Night Of Gruesome
November 18th 2012

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