Saturday November 10th 2012, 1:23 am

Olfactory sensory distortions in hyperdrive. The very atmosphere encroaches around me, feels like its a threat, yet all is clear and clean. I’ve been in this bout for at least five days now. I feel like the air itself is toxic, I rationally know this isn’t the case, but the sensation of unnatural fumes permeates. For the past few years I’ve been experiencing a very strange disorder. Every now and then for no apparent reason that I would know, all I can smell is exhaust fumes, like when sitting behind an old bus stuck in traffic. That icky sensory overload and gut reaction that invisible vile substances are looking to penetrate lungs and choke you out. There is no relief from it and its highly disturbing. When it occurs, I live with it 24/7. The toughest part is that my body is fooled by this sensation and I feel a bit sick, and my lungs want to reject breathing, like my body feels like I’m literally only breathing toxicity. The first few days are the worst, until I get used the sensation, then I can breathe easier. But the smell is constant, there is no subsiding, all I can do is wait it out until the episode ends as mysteriously as it begins. I’ve had this occur in length of at least two weeks or longer an episode. I’ve been meaning to see a neurologist, but haven’t had the time to deal with multiple doctor visits and tests. But once I get the last issue of this current story done, I’ll have the opportunity to take a break and begin the investigation of this problem. Smelling constant exhaust is surprisingly exhausting.

Fume Factory
November 9th 2012

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I have heard of this before as a symptom of minor sinus issues. Nothing scary. Good luck 🙂

Also, this is a bit late, but it was absolute pleasure to meet you and Wendy at morrisoncon. Currently in the process of having the BEYOND A SHADOW original professionally framed to be proudly displayed in my home. Your hard work is much appreciated! Thank you!

Comment by Andrew 11.10.12 @ 1:42 am

Hey there Andrew
So glad you’re enjoying the piece. And yeah, I hope my problem turns out to be a simple one.

Comment by jhw3 11.11.12 @ 3:01 am

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