Sunday November 04th 2012, 12:13 am

Cool and smooth in my hands, slightly weighty but held with delicacy. A knock and tap and then a crackling as I roll them along the kitchen countertop. I begin picking at the exteriors, but something isn’t quite right. Its sticking obstinately and so I have to dig in a little, meticulously chipping away. Only small flecks come off at a time. Annoyance over sharp pointed pokes and prods that painfully jab at the skin beneath my fingernails from jagged angular crunched edges, threatening to puncture. My brow furrows pathetically, tedium, something that should only be a minute turns into several, patience over just wanting to make my dinner salad. Ridiculous to feel this way considering others on the other side of the country would just like to have their homes back…

Troubled Hardboiled Eggs
November 3rd 2012

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