To appear, then disappear

Tuesday May 31st 2016, 12:10 pm

Doing a signing thing!

Finally! The last Sandman Overture thing: Issues 5 and 6 Original Art

Tuesday May 24th 2016, 1:18 pm

The final round of select original art of Sandman Overture being made available can now happen. It had to get very postponed due to being very ill for over a month. So life got sacked for a bit. But with things are looking up, we thought it best to get this scheduled.

Mark your calendars: 12pm PST on Saturday, June 18th

This last round will be for the last 2 issues, and whatever else that is still available.

The spread below is a fun one, that does this weird thing to the mind when looking at its mimic of a book being spread open, Destiny’s book! As we see inside of the book, it immerses us dimensionally in the story. And it features a decent shot of Dream Cat’s gothically stylish Dream-cosmic sailing vessel. It was a challenge to draw this spread, to get the effect Neil and I were after. For the story to exist inside and out of Destiny’s book, while being inside the comic being held by the reader.
Sandman 5 pg 10 and 11

Darwyn Cooke, there wasn’t enough time…

Saturday May 14th 2016, 12:45 pm

I woke up late today (still recovering from illness), to the news of Darwyn Cooke’s passing away. It came in the form of a text from our dear friend James Sime. I know James is devastated, he has a lot of good times with Darwyn.

I’m listening to the warm desert wind that easily gusts outside, compelled to say something, share something of the times we had with Darwyn. But I’m finding it difficult on what to say in any meaningful way, feeling sad and awkward. I’m just gonna be straight up about it.

Wendy and I didn’t know him as well as others, but were always happy to see him when we did. He was always so gracious to us. Very kind, and we would always exchange quick positive comments about each other’s artistic efforts. I was thrilled with how much he enjoyed my one issue of Jonah Hex— that meant a lot hearing that from him. I’ve enjoyed Darwyn’s work greatly from the very first encounter I had with it— it’s always so smart, unique and traditional at the same time. You can’t help but find it joyful— even if the subject portrayed might be grim sometimes.

There is so much love for Darwyn Cooke, and deservedly— really a very inspirational creator. We have fond memories sharing booth space with him a bit, a few walks together outside the San Diego Convention Center, or chatting late at night at one of the con bars. Sadly I haven’t spoken to him in quite a long time since avoiding conventions for the past few years. But I always admired his candor, humor, and charm. He was such a charmer! We briefly discussed working on a project together a year or so before I took on Sandman: Overture. The strangest thing about it was he said it surprised him I’d want to do something with him (there’s that graciousness). And I said in reply “Hell yeah, why wouldn’t I?! It’d be brilliant.” I always thought it’d be a blast drawing a story he wrote just for me. I asked what he’d like to do— and he said horror, let’s do a horror tale. That hit the right note for me. It’d be fantastic to sink my teeth into a full on horror story. And I was highly intrigued by Darwyn wanting to write horror. I mean, just what would a Darwyn Cooke horror tale feel like? One written for me to draw.

We made plans to talk it out on the phone, but then life and work happens, and that talk just never managed to occur. I have a lot of regret over that, because it would’ve been magic I’m sure. Time and life never brought us back to that moment. And with his passing, it’ll just never be now. Maybe somewhere in another alternate universe, in a nicer more easy going world, our horror tale exists. Ready to be delved into by an eager readership of his, and mine.

It’s heartbreaking to hear about what he faced, what his family and friends must be going through.

Cheers to you Darwyn, wherever your spirit roams now. You’ll be greatly missed.

Love to all who knew him, to his family and friends.

Sandman art sale will be delayed

Sunday April 24th 2016, 5:51 pm

Hi guys. It’s Wendy, J.H.’s wife here. I’m posting to let you know that the next Sandman art sale will be delayed, not sure until when, due to some health problems my husband is having. What was suppose to be a minor surgery ended up with some fairly serious complications that we are still dealing with. He’s on the road to recovery but it’s going to take some time. I, or hopefully he, will let you know the sale date as soon as we can. We will be offering both issues 5 & 6 at the same time.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding.

Take care,

Micronauts! IDW! Cover 2…

Monday March 28th 2016, 12:45 pm

I’m having fun doing these. Here is the cover to number 2, with and without logo treatment. Already posted cover 3, and will post cover 4 soon.
Micronauts 2 cover clr-logo
Micronauts 2 cover-clr

Sandman Overture 4 Art Last Shameless Plug

Friday March 25th 2016, 1:35 pm

The select pieces for the issue will be up tomorrow March 26th at noon PST. This one is nicely strange…
Sandman 4 pg 18 and 19

Sandman Overture 4 Art

Thursday March 24th 2016, 12:29 pm

A shameless plug for Sandman Overture 4 art being available this Saturday March 26th at noon PST. Here is one of the select pieces that will be up…
Sandman 4 pg 10 and 11

Sandman Overture 4 Art This Saturday

Wednesday March 23rd 2016, 1:07 pm

Saturday, March 26th at noon PST we’ll be putting up select pieces from Sandman Overture 4. This piece features the first ever appearance of Morpheus’s father, Father Time.
Sandman 4 pg 2 and 3


Friday March 04th 2016, 11:41 am

Here is another of the Micronauts covers I’m doing for the nice folks at IDW. This will be issue 3. The cover to issue 2 will appear later, did things out of order…
Micronauts 3 cover clr-LOGO A

Sandman Overture 3 art Tomorrow… depending when you’re looking at this.

Friday February 26th 2016, 11:33 am

Sandman Overture 3 art: available Saturday, February 27th, noon PST in the store
Sandman 3 pg 22 and 23

Sandman Overture 3 Original Art is coming SOON! … finally

Monday February 08th 2016, 10:16 pm

It’s been a short while since the last round of pages went up. Our lives dissolved into chaos as we prepared to move house (move a life) to entirely another state. An exhaustive task is an understatement. But now we’re settling in, getting back to the drawing table, and ready to set the date for Sandman Overture pages round 3 being made available.

The date to put on your calendars, phone notifications, and alarms will be Saturday, February 27th, at noon PST.

And for your enticement… I remember spending forever on the cosmic bits. But what I find entertaining on this spread is the use of so many different styles to sell the idea of the different worlds. I love getting that kind of thing going…
Sandman 3 pg 2 and 3

Micro Dreams Can Be Real

Tuesday January 19th 2016, 9:45 pm

I’m having some very high nostalgia right now, at least for the next few months. Mainly, because I’m getting to do something that I thought would never happen, ever. And it all comes down to the very nice folks at IDW Publishing, graciously wanting my scrawls to cross some of their covers for a project that has been forsaken by very muddy legalities for many many years. A short time ago I learned that they had obtained the publishing rights to a comics concept that I can truly say is the very root of why I chose to be a comics artist, the one and only Micronauts. I’m ecstatic that IDW has landed this, found its way through the murky waters to find the treasure. I’ve cited in many interviews and general conversations just how this series impacted my childhood, I grew up a bit with those comics, and read them for as long as they were published. But ultimately what hooked my loyalty was the very beginning of their adventures, created by masters Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden. They were so very smart. If I had never come across their work on Micronauts I seriously doubt I’d be working in comics at all. Their brilliance on the title forever changed my direction, much to the dismay of many of the adults in my young life. However, along the way, I proved I was right. That deep down, from that very long ago discovery of the work on the series, I knew then that I was meant to do what I do now. And so when IDW announced they had garnered publishing rights for a new Micronauts series, and Rom as well (another very influential series), I had to reach out to them to see how I could be involved, even if only a little. To make an inner child’s dream come true.

I’ll be doing a run of covers for the new series. And I hope they spark your imagination in joyous ways.

Here is my cover to issue 1, with and without text…

My Life With David Bowie

Friday January 15th 2016, 7:12 pm

My life with David Bowie. I say this knowing full well that I do not personally know Bowie, but in very odd ways I feel like I do. Especially in my art life, in how I think and view things creatively.

Since David Bowie passed away, I’ve had a lot to think about this week. About what he really meant to me, what his death means to me. When first hearing the news of his death, I was shocked and very upset, quickly brought to tears. This strangely surprised me, feeling this way, since I didn’t know the man. Immediately I thought of friends who I’ve conversed with about Bowie, like Vertigo editor Shelly Bond. I still have the Bowie postcards she sent me, one featuring him in that gloriously amazing turquoise suit. I remembered the good times of seeing him in concert, fortunately twice. One time on his Sound and Vision tour, the other when he toured with Nine Inch Nails. Both shows were outstanding, no surprise there. But it wasn’t really those memories that were affecting me. It was something more. I’ve needed the past week to try to understand where these deep emotions were coming from when my wife and I heard the news.

I’ve always loved his music. I have fond memories walking to school alone singing the songs off Let’s Dance to myself. That was the album I first discovered David Bowie, then the Tonight album with the fantastic Loving The Alien on it. I went backwards into his catalogue from there, exploring all of his treasures. And was deeply captured by just how much he had transformed from his early days to the Bowie I first met. His ever changing personas always seemed to meld perfectly with the music he was creating at the time, as if the music and lyrics themselves were the cause of these personas as he moved through his artistic life.

This is where I think I’m connecting with him. The idea of change. He always was presenting different aspects of himself, he allowed his personality to grow and morph, and did so in creative ways that became metaphor for all of the changes in our own lives over time. He just showed this more boldly, profoundly making life transformations into art.

The thing I learned from this is that it’s okay to change, that it’s okay to not remain the same thing all of the time, to be fluid when you can be. I think subconsciously I related to this, and as I grew into my own creative discovery through my chosen medium of comics, I was able to embrace this concept easily. I was able to see and understand the reasons why someone like Frank Miller would alter his style from project to project, sometimes in very dramatic ways; creating a visual trajectory that is his but also quite varied. Or in the way Alan Moore would be able to defy genre expectations, never being satisfied by staying in one genre or adhering to whatever genre’s rules, and exploring each attempt in the fullest way possible. Or in the way Neil Gaiman wrote transformative narratives all throughout Sandman, each having their own distinct aspect, but somehow still remaining firmly within the project’s parameters, giving us a grand operatic epic.

It’s this idea of transformation being something to be embraced, to not sit still, is where I think the real learning comes from. Not just creatively, but in life. Growing up listening to Bowie, seeing Bowie’s ideas, while being engaged with comics, seeing leaps of transformation from certain comics creators of the time, while being entrenched in Kirby, and Moebius, and Golden, to name a few, taught me to reach for new vistas. This has had much bigger impact on my work over my career than I first was realizing.

But awhile ago I came to understand for my own creative life to grow it had also needed to change, or better termed: allowed to be ever changing. The result is some of the things I’ve done. This explains a little bit of why I style manipulate so much. Doing so pulls out different aspects of story, emotion, and bits of myself, and amplifies different qualities within each. Applying transformation as an idea as I move from scene to scene creatively allows the work to be more alive, it breathes, and moves, and quite often in surprising ways even to myself. Things will happen in the work as I do it that can be a revelation to me.

So I can relate to David Bowie’s ever changing creative self, embracing this in himself must’ve allowed him to realize so many things, discovering so many aspects of his inner life. I imagine it must’ve been a constant revelatory experience. Showing us this all the way to the end, even in the way he appeared to find acceptance in his death and used facing this last change to again transform creatively, giving us one last burst of beauty in the album Blackstar. I think there are more lessons to learn there for our own lives, and to learn creatively by how he chose to handle this most artful departure from the world.

This all has given me pause mentally, as I am currently in the middle of making very large changes in my life, personally and creatively and literally moving into new territory. So, thinking about embracing such big change rather than feeling trepidation about it, I have to say, is still something I grasp at. But the poignancy in how David Bowie handled his biggest personal change shines a light on all of it, and firmly places things into a good perspective. The logistical and creative decisions before me are daunting, but I have to accept this is the path and just run. So, Bowie’s death teaches me, just as he did in life.

I’m very certain if I hadn’t been a lifelong fan of David Bowie and his music that I would not be the same artist or person I am today, and probably a much weaker one.

“Time may change me
But you can’t trace time”

Too Many Moving Parts

Saturday December 26th 2015, 1:12 pm

I hope everyone is having a great holiday break. And I also want to thank those interested in Sandman Art again for such a fast and enthusiastic response to the second issue original art sale. Only one spread each from issues one and two remain. The third issue sale will be coming early next year, but we do not have a date selected yet because of too much going on at the moment to pin it down. I’ve started my next project (so scanning the first round of pages now), but won’t be announcing the project’s title or release dates for awhile due to making certain we have a ton of it done before then. I want to avoid the schedule problems that befell Sandman. Also doing some cover work here and there in the future as well (will talk more about that when I have the okay from the publisher). And during all of this we are moving house to another state very shortly (packing up way too many books). So, in this chaos it would be a bit insane to set up the next sale in the middle of that. So right now we’re estimating end of January or early February, which gives those of you who are interested a little more time to plan for it. When we have a solid date we’ll post it. Have a Happy New Year celebration everyone! In the meantime here is something from the next issue sale to entice…

Art Sale: Sandman Overture 2 this Saturday!

Friday December 11th 2015, 1:12 pm

Reminder that Sandman Overture issue 2 original art pages go up for sale Saturday December 12th, at noon PST.

Some pieces may not be made available. This means they stayed in the family. So if you don’t see something, that would be why.

This time around are some pages that feature painted sections, quite a variety of styles and images that kept things moving in interesting ways. One scene being boldly painted in red inks is a favorite of mine. But below is pages 10 and 11, I remember this one taking what felt like forever to figure out and complete, featuring a menagerie of Dreams…
Sandman 2 pg 10 and 11

Sandman Overture Art Issue 2 Art Coming Soon

Thursday November 26th 2015, 12:23 am

Thanks for so much enthusiasm for the issue 1 original art, most has found its way to friendly hands.

We’ve selected the next date for available Sandman Overture 2 art to be Saturday December 12th. The time of the release will be 12pm noon PST.

For your enticement (this one is for all the Lovecraft fans, and one of my favorites). It was mostly done using ink (brush and pen), ink wash, copic grey-tone marker, gouache, white ink, and bits of color pencil …
Sandman 2pg 12 and 13

Sandman Overture 2 Original Art Coming Soon

Tuesday November 17th 2015, 11:57 pm

I want to thank everyone for such a tremendous response to the original art of Overture 1 last Sunday. So happy that much of it has found good homes.

Now time to start revving up for Overture 2. A date and time will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, for your enticement…
Sandman 2 pg 2 and 3

My Friend

Friday November 13th 2015, 3:02 pm

I lost a dear friend yesterday. His name was Bhangra, and he was a cat. A special cat. I know that those of us who have cats know how special they all are. But he was particularly special to me. I certainly have loved all of our cats that have been a part of our lives. But he was different. He was the one that always had to know where I was, he to had have breakfast with me everyday, If he’d been out on a backyard adventure I had to be the first thing he needed to see upon returning to indoors. He was a master hunter. Catching mice was his sport. We all distinctly remember the time he proudly walked through his cat door with two mice in his mouth at the same time, one already dead, the other not. How does a cat even do that? Master hunter indeed. He very much liked people, but wasn’t cuddly. He loved food, food was love. His favorite thing was to eat while getting a good rub down. He beckoned for food that you’d think a cat wouldn’t want anything to do with, like hummus; that is what he is doing in the above photo, demanding hummus. Always difficult because you can’t give a cat garlic. He was very much an office cat. Wanting to be in my lap while drawing, or writing. Sometimes content to just quietly sit next to my chair as I worked, often settling around my feet, or sleeping on my scanner. But it isn’t all those things that made him so special. It’s simply something that my loving wife said to me yesterday while laying in a crumpled blubbering mess, she said that he chose ME. That he had wanted me to be his best friend. This morning I stared at the bedroom doorway, as I kept hoping he’d be there patiently waiting for me to get up so we could have breakfast. But now he’s gone, he had cancer, he sadly withered. I’m left now to look at my office without him. And after a few days I’ll have to try to get on with work, even though something fundamentally is wrong now.

In 2012 I had written an experimental bog project, one that required me to post something everyday, and I had written something that was about him. That attempted to show how big of a personality he was. So I’m posting it again below in his tribute.

Jet sheen, light shines off revealing elegant ripples of sinewy strength. Leaping and jumping, no barrier can hold against. Sleek and intimidating, moving silently like a true hunter, a warrior not to be trifled with. Ruling from above, lethal, baring a mouth full of daggers. Stalking proud, always watching with gleaming eyes of yellowed flecked jade. Tall pointed ears perk, no sound escapes attention. The deepest shadows engulf, vanishing like a ghost, becoming invisible in the dark of night. I am lord of this domain and master of many, of lands vast, filled with concrete, trees and tall dried grasses. I claim this all. Be it burning hot, sleet, or rain, I will prowl, I will guard. I am King, The Mouse-Killer, Friend to giants. I am Bhangra, The Cat.

The Sandman Overture Issue 1 Original Art Available November 15th!

Saturday November 07th 2015, 8:08 pm


Mark your calendars, set your notices, set your clocks.

Each issue of the original art will be made available every 3 to 4 weeks. Those dates will post shortly after each sale starts.

Our store uses Paypal, so if you’re not set up for a verified account, it’s recommended to do that. They offer various ways to obtain purchases, including offering a payment plan.

And FYI, some pieces may not be made available. This means they stayed in the family. So if you don’t see something, that would be why.

For your enticement…
Sandman Overture 1 pg 12 and 13

Sandman Deluxe!

Friday November 06th 2015, 2:26 am

The Sandman Overture deluxe hardcover book is out now.

It features some fun extras that date back by a decade, also some minor coloring tweaks, but most importantly it features a scene from the final chapter put back to how it was originally meant to be presented. There isn’t necessarily anything added to the art of this scene, but more on how it was meant to be paced and presented, which actually does impact how the scene feels and functions, giving it broader visual scope.

For those who have read the story in singles form already, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about when you read it all again in this very fine edition. But for those who are coming to this story for the first time, you won’t even realize that anything was amiss, it flows as intended without second guessing it.

So I hope you all find plenty of enjoyment in taking in the story as a whole now. So proud to have been a part of this project.

Sandman Overture Issue 1 Art Available Soon!

Wednesday November 04th 2015, 12:18 pm

November 15th at 5pm PST

The art for Sandman Overture issue 1 goes live. Here’s a taste…
Sandman 1 pg 8and9

Sandman Overture Celebration on Nov. 14th

Monday November 02nd 2015, 12:21 pm

We’re celebrating the book release of Sandman Overture at one of the all time best places to do that in SF. Details are here.

Out this week!

Thursday October 29th 2015, 5:17 pm

The final Sandman: Overture Special Edition is out out now, with issue 6. This is the best looking one yet, the design team did a great job at creating such a cohesive look. And we’ve put a few fun extra things in there for your amusement. Below is the raw cover art featured for this final Special Edition. Hope you enjoy it…
Sandman6-cover-special edition

Sandman Event Press Release from Isotope’s James Sime

Wednesday October 28th 2015, 12:19 pm

Saturday, November 14th, 2015 at Isotope in San Francisco

Celebrating the release of the biggest book of the decade, the SANDMAN OVERTURE DELUXE EDITION hardcover!

There are few people on planet Earth we love more than JH Williams III (if you like beautiful memories people share with their friends this will bring tears to your eyes) and together we’ve been quietly planning our event to celebrate the amazing SANDMAN OVERTURE for a long, long time. As Jim doesn’t make very many public appearances we know his visit is going to be *very* popular. The Isotope staff wants you all to have a wonderful experience meeting him and for everyone to get to create amazing memories of JH Williams III’s visit together. So we’re doing a duo of events as only the Isotope can to make sure everyone has a chance to meet one of the nicest and most talented people in all of comics! First up is a casual, daytime signing event for the under 21 crowd, and then an epic celebration later that evening for the folks who like our mix and mingle, bring-your-ID, after-dark events.

2pm – 6pm, Saturday November 14th
This intimate all-ages autographing session is completely free of charge and open to all. We want to ensure you have a completely unique and personal experience with Jim so we’re specifically tailoring this event to let you have a real moment to sit down with him. Jim will sign your SANDMAN OVERTURE hardcovers, PROMETHEA omnibii, BATWOMAN paperbacks, vintage CHASE comics, BLONDIE and THE SWORD albums, and anything else he’s ever worked on. We don’t even mind if you’ve bought them elsewhere, this isn’t about us, it’s about you and Jim getting to say “hi.” As this is sure to be a popular signing and we definitely want everyone to get time to actually talk with Jim so we kindly ask that you bring no more than 5 items for him to sign. On behalf of every one of us, thanks in advance!

8pm – Midnight, Saturday November 14th
Full details of this event will be announced on November 1st.

A 21+ event as only the Isotope can do! If you’ve been to an after-hours party at the Isotope before you know the great atmosphere and amazing crowd that will be turning out for this. This event has a casual backstage-after-the-show vibe and gives you all an opportunity to actually hang out and get to know Jim… the way we think an in-store appearance should truly be!

Attendees of this event get a free, Isotope exclusive, ultra-limited edition JH Williams III fine art print on acid-free/pH neutral 100% cotton rag Fabriano Watercolor Paper, lovingly printed using Epson’s archival UltraChrome inks with a lightfastness rating of over 200 years. Created specifically for this event by Williams and the Isotope, and available nowhere else on the planet, this hand-numbered print is suitable for framing… and… something even cooler!

We can’t wait to show you more!

Full details on SANDMAN OVERTURE AFTER PARTY w/ JH WILLIAMS III will be announced on November 1st.

Come join us for our biggest, our best, and our most beloved event of the entire year.

The Sandman Overture Issue 1 Original Art Sale is Coming!

Friday October 16th 2015, 1:35 pm

NOVEMBER 15th! Mark your calendars, set your notices.

Issue 1 art is where we’ll start. And we’ll make another announcement with the time of day the sale will begin.

Each issue of the original art will be made available every 3 to 4 weeks. If the art for the issues goes to new homes quickly there is thought to maybe speed up the time table. But the main reason to have some short pauses between each issue being posted is to give people plenty of time to save their pennies.

After looking around at several options on how we were going to sell the art, it looks like the best way to do that is keep it right here in our webstore.

Our store uses Paypal, so it’s recommended to set that up. They offer various ways to obtain purchases, including options to have a payment plan, but I believe you have to have your membership account verified.

For your enticement…